lovers lament BEKKI KEMP
vince carroll(that's 2 L's, 2 R's)
dan hettrick
jen ("my friends call me 'star' ")
allyson scala (and a slut)
melinda plyler (and a moron)
sally mamulus (don't even fucking get me started)
. . .more names will be applied to the list as they are remembered.
misstree i bend people
like pipe cleaners
and they thank me for it.

to be truly manipulative, to be more than just a pushy bitch/asshole, you can't let people know that they're being manipulated... when you can make someone want to do your bidding without realizing that they shouldn't, well m'boy, you've made it.*

*i may or may not be this mean. but i'll never tell.
silentbob You tricky little asshole 001126
lovers lament CHRIS BREZNAI(stalking my best friend, asshole!) 001210
lovers lament sweet little virgin boy
would you harm her?
would you charm her,
disarm her with your pretty smile?
and all the while
just trying to do whatever
you can
be her man again
never gonna happen
let her go
we both know what you're
capable of
sweet little tainted boy
don't follow her around
with your sorrow eyes
and your soft replies
not getting anywhere anymore
pout, walk out the door
only to return again
in her face
but i guess we sorta put you in you place, didn't we?
lovers lament copyr. 2000
above poem.
silentbob jeez, ok? i WONT!? ok? i wont. i promise. 001210
EECP One of the worst things about it is that we learn to manipulat when we are born. When did our parents come to us and do all they could? When we would cry. Why is this a manipulation? Because we were "defending from the victim position." Sad really, that people do not learn of a better way to recieve things than to manipulate. Even love is common ground for manipulation. 001213
somebody will from bb2 010923
distorted tendencies John. 010923
yummychuckle "you allow yourself to be manipulated, its your own fucking fault!"
i cant hear you
too busy choking on deceit
oh crap im suffocating
but im still not listening to
a word u say
not a word not a one not a word.
angelita ...make the Moor thank me, love me, and reward me/ For making him egregiously an ass

That Iago...gets me every time.
celestias shadow I can be so manipulative sometimes. I can make people say exactly what I want them to say, do exactly what I want them to do, and they don't even realize it. I love being powerful. 031228
pandora i don't have those skills i'm afraid and if i did i certainly would be worried to employ them
they say, "Be direct."

yeah but then the group won't want to do what we want them to do---
all right, hint, help them help you
be them, right, and non confrontational or assuming

simple little helpless
peep peep
egger twist so pretty for me. 040319
unhinged 'you moved on right when i needed you the most'

funny how your idea of showing me you needed me was to tell me how disgusting i was to you

i finally told you what you did to me that day and your reaction basically amounted to 'oh well, it coulda been worse. at least i didn't rape you'

so those few seconds where you almost did and i wasn't sure if you would actually listen to me, the fact that my trust in you was completely destroyed that day, mean nothing?

and yet you wonder why i've had the other relationships i've had since you've known me
what's it to you?
who go