typhoid I returned while they were eating supper at the table seated side by side upon a special stool. So I said when they were finished with their whole wheat toast and spinach, we should go back to the secret room that had only been constructed recently to be conductive to the force that grew around the twins. Once inside, we all admired it's silver gleaming pointed spire that rose into the center of the room. Up and up toward the ceiling, gracefully it stretched not yielding to the confines of the smallish room. For it pierced and open circle and vanished deep into the murky night that held its crown somewhere above. The room had been and inspiration of the twins that I had taken -- building it of wood and tile and chrome. And they would stay inside for hours, while the rain dripped down the tower, sitting on a bench around its base. But this time we were not there for but to bare our other sides and feel the kiss of flesh.

"Take your clothes off", I commanded like a bold and common bandit basking in the feeling of control. I was standing back behind them with a length of line to tie them once their nakedness had been revealed.

"Kneel", I said becoming heated for the task had been completed and I felt my goal was drawing hear.

"Hee hee hee"

Then I heard a little snicker.

"Hee hee... hee hee hee"

"What was that!", I said and quickly giggles spread infection in the room.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop!", I said but it seemed to spread and spread.

"Stop it or I won't show you any more!"

"We can't believe that you're so dumb to think we needed anyone to show us what we've known about for years."

"What!", I screamed in disbelief so certain that I was the thief that took away their purity, I said, "But what about the other night when she and I were locked so tight and..." Laughter downed me out so I stopped.

"What makes you think that it was 'her'", the mocking voices said with words that sliced me open, fast and quick.

"But I know it must have been, because I smelled her heated skin and..."

"Don't you see there is no `she' now?

Don't you see there is no `she' now?

Don't you see there is no `she' now..."

So I saw there was no she but there was only them and me, and they were laughing in my face too loud. So I reached into my pocket and a feeling like a shock exuded from my fingertips and spread along my limbs and up my butt and focused just below my guts and made me hold my breath before the blade could finally fall at last and free me from the anger and the screaming endlessly exploding in my head. So I slit the holy union, turning it into a wound that gaped apart and bled upon the ground -- causing me to fire my passion as I stared into the gash that quivered like a burned and ripped out tongue. So great upon my
throbbing penis was the pull towards this venus that there was no thought of it at all. Only all consuming lust to be inflamed in base disgust and smile about it when I came inside. So I slipped my dick into it thrusting into pain and spewing blood around the room -- I needed more. And so I fucked it that much harder; deep and fast I pushed apart the shoulders that were down below my waist.

Screams were slicing up the air as eyes rolled up and teeth were bared bylips that stretched too tight and tried to tear. There could be but one conclusion to this sick distorted fusion, and of course it came... and so did I. Madly with my face contorted I convulsed and shoved apart the shoulders that I gripped so hard and I faintly recollect a ripping sickey sound of fleshy splitting as I drifted towards a big black hole. And just before I hit the floor I noticed one was rolling over showing me a smooth unblemished thigh that ended in a red eruption just below her belly button, but maybe it was only in my mind.
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