addicted to a girl from maine hello baton rouge
all this for you
return of the eruth be
hungry ghost Basho said: town where I was born. as I weep over my umbilical cord the year comes to a close 020914
Eva "hold my hand I'm so nervous! I just want to say...that I like you alot. I completely and totally adore you" 021206
whitney you make everything fit together. 030202
unhinged i miss you brother

when i need a hug to stop the dam from breaking, you always squeeze me just right so that all my bones pop.

and i miss staying up late with you and just talking about shit. i keep thinking a lot lately about how much it is going to suck when i move to milwaukee just because i can't stand to not see you for a few weeks let alone a few months. maybe i will buy you a plane ticket for christmas next year.
whitney at your most beautiful
i count your eyelashes
with everyone whisper i love you
i let you sleep
i know you're closed eyed watching me listening
Rotten77 works at albertsons. 030505
in groups another ex-boyfriend who knows how i operate. "it must be unmanifest!"

hearts get broken, but hearts also mend. we've had a broadening in mind.
celestias shadow Oh my god, where do I start? No matter what I say, it won't come close to what I actually want to say. But I'll try.

Jeff, you were the first guy that ever liked me. I think that means something, but I also think the friendship we have now is even better. I love being friends with you. I swear, sometimes I think we are the same person, in two different bodies. Quite frankly, it frightens me. There shouldn't be two of me, and certainly not two of you. I don't think the world could deal with another one of either of us. Caitlin Collins certainly couldn't.

I guess this is a friend letter. Not a love letter, per se, but just....thanks for being my friend.
celestias shadow but now I'm scared. 040213
hadflatter is forkin retarded 040314
halo "inaction, intention, like emeralds I stole"

fucking beautiful
. jeff_buckley

you left some stars in my belly
. you mean from deleware? 040621
. you mean from delaware? 040621
. you mean from delaware? 040621
. you mean he of the sadistic controlling mindset? the endlessly chaffing whole in his self esteem that he needs to tirelessly build up...? 040621
unhinged i wish you didn't have to move thousands of miles away. i get it, but i wish that you didn't have to. cause yeah i moved away first, but i didn't move across an ocean asshole. 040621
unhinged there's something about the name
it tears a hole in my heart

he's got shoulder length dreads
and a pierced septum now
dropped 100 lbs into the ocean
off his surfboard
and he makes me feel so small
like i don't know a thing
sitting on the lanai with him
when we first got there
days before his 19th birthday
and we could see the pacific ocean
lit up by the nightlife of waikiki
and he still had the childlike excitement in his voice back then
'i can't believe i'm gonna LIVE here'

i only get to see him once a year now
if i'm lucky
i miss my beautiful friend
unhinged i'm gonna write you a long sappy letter for your 21st birthday; yep. 060711
nom jeff lewis band 060711
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