Brad A word that looks like a purple flower. It should mean purple flower. But it doesn't. Not some little flower either... a big tall one. Yes... iris should be iota. Iota, although it is only four letters long, doesn't look like it should mean anything small. 000611
birdmad and it sounds like it could almost be a useful word in inane " knock_knock_jokes " 000611
Splinken Iris should be a gentle old lady who gardens in a wide-brim hat. Maybe she is out there somewhere, and her name is Iota. She and iris could switch. 000614
sabbie 'iota' always reminds me of flacco. flacco always makes me smile. flacco and the sandman were good, before they hit tv. i miss denton. i miss razor and robbins. i keep dreaming of tristan and i dont know why. i remember 2XX and their programs. my mum had a 2XX bumper sticker years ago on her white combi van. we took it to eden one year and it got flooded out. i remember watching a little trio of $20 notes floating serenly down the stream in the middle of the annex floor. my toy dog dyed all my sisters toy's red (they were all sitting in the same puddle). we had pifiderols for the first time on the beach. my friend spanky says sex on the beach is ok in the sand factor but terrible in the little bug factor. i remember hammer st and all the boys i lived with. the floorboards were rotting through and the dishes took 5 hours to do on a good day. my friend julie came over once and we piled all the dishes in her car and took them to her house where we did load upon load in her dishwasher and didnt get back until midnight and all the boys i lived with were cross cos there was no dishes in the house and they couldnt work out where they'd all gone. another housemate used to leave toast on the table. at least the vegemite used to scare away the ants. we had an outdoor toilet in that house. it had a big dint in the concrete so that when it was raining if you forgot to jump over it your pyjama pants would get sopping wet. i lived in a big house once. with a rumpus room. we used to fly paper airoplanes off the balcony and make my little sister run down and collect them all and put them in a bucket we had attached a rope to. then, as she ran back upstairs, we would try to fly as many off the balcony again. im not sure how she felt about arriving at the blacony to find only one or two planes left in the bucket for her. i miss the autumn leaves and the weather. i remember tristian and mark and wonder where they all are now.

iotas of memory chase each other through my head

and when they made 'dark city' the bad guys looked all like flacco and he was there and had some lines but he was with out his curl, but i knew him for flacco anyway.
Sintina an iota of feeling for me still?
an iota of want for my presence?
an iota of sexual desire?
an iota of pain?
an iota of regret?

Well, fuck you. I don't have an iota of shit for you anymore.
Photophobe glowing his voice is amazing.... 020830
pete homoosios vs homoiosios

their is but an iota of a difference, but that difference is between salvation and damnation
Galen of Taratimude I only have an iota of how the world works. 110720
what's it to you?
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