megan come back, oh words that mean so much to me.
i just don't see as many anymore.
what has happened dearest blather? where have all the skites gone that i knew so well and cherished so much.
new faces are not bad, but they're not the same either. different types of words they have, and it's ripping me apart.
where have you all gone? and when will you return? i will be waiting among the silences.
x oh get over it 040103
mon san-----ta! 040104
no reason we were all new once 040104
Jane Doe I'm rather new. I'm one of those that likes to read every thing on every word and I go through every blathe page by someone before I blathe myself. When I do, usually it's short, like this, and it's boring, like this. Cause no one reads them anyways. We can't all be the writers, or else who would read the writings? 040104
megan sorry guys
just a post :) don't get too uptight
gotta plead the first huh
no reason this site doesn't require writers.
it requires blatherers.
Jane Doe I was going to say something, then I just let it go. 040104
pete come back,
a corruption boils within me,
come back,
your love is the blood in my viens,
come back,
sing your song amid the stars,
come back,
the tears sting refusing to fall,
come back,
life waits beneath the canopy,
come back,
my companion i miss you,
come back sweet love,
come back.
lou_la_belle come back
because it already feels
like you're gone
Darla it's not fair
okay, yes it is nevermind what you want is paramount and if you're gone you must have a good reason for it
ethereal It's painful. I saw you on TV tonight. I wish you'd comeback. At least you've gotten yourself into a good band now. 040602
Jess I hope I am an interesting Blatherer for Ethereal to talk to!
I only read the ones I think will interest me!
But I write something on the pages I read, I think it's only fair to give something back!
minnesota_chris and you use the most exclamation points! 040707
love & hate Please,
oh wont you come back to me,
come back to what you were,
come back to what i was,
come back to what we were together.
Pleas come back,
i yearn for you so much.
Writing these words does not give them as much meaning as i feel inside, but this is all i can do to get you to understand. I would give you my thoughts so you would realise what you mean to me. Oh please wont you come back to me, i cant live without you, i cant breath, i cant speak, i need you, PLEASE come back to me my precious angel. Please come back!
edna no 040709
Jess Hey minnesota_chris!
My friends all say I use too many exclamation marks!
I just think using full stops is too ordinary!
Thanks for noticing though!
Deomis Come back to the place from which you came
Come back to the place of youth
Hear the calling in the wind
Whispering your name
Come back to the earth
Come down to your grave
ben is jamin now!!! come back if you want to
for need you i do not
and see you i cant for
you have left no trail behind
i half expect you to not
because your already gone
ill just let you go on your way
go see what you can find
walk there and back till dawn
get lost, truely i dont mind
i dont care what you have to say
go lay in a corner and rot
away from me, but if you want
you can still come back
just dont bring your taunt
unhinged can't call it a come back
i've been here for years
what's it to you?
who go