tourist The Truth is Eternal
Eternity is Now
Has always been
And Ever Shall Be

There are No Unforgivable Sins
There is no Eternal Punishment
There Is No Eternal Reward
For this Finite Experience

This Is The Truth
We are All In This Together
I Am He
As You Are He
And You Are Me

Black Bird Singing
In the Dead of Night
Take These Broken Wings
And Learn to Fly
All Your Life
You were Only Waiting
For This Moment
To Arrive
Black Bird Fly
Into The Light of The Dark Black Night
Black Bird Fly
cube There may be no unforgivable sins. That i do not know, but the reward or punishment for this 'finite experience' will be the position one finds oneself in (relative to others) when we rejoin the eternal path...

As for bird-watching, i indulge in that to a limited degree. I have actually bought a pair of binoculars and a book...
phil The birds sit in the cage. Silent, motionless, hinting to one another.
Their beaks quiver in the motionless night, curls of air stir from the warm day spent watching each movement, dramatically recording.
Their vivid colors and smooth voices, cheers of glorious flights within the branches, lost over the time spent sitting, dying, bleeding through their veins, watching their eyes, breathing slow traces of heat.
A cold stiffness in their wings and legs, broken by pain of uselessness, their speach broken and jagged. Their tounges and tail feathers split, and dry.
A burning ache resides in each of their faces, the tortures from chewing at the bars of their cage.
Outside the cage, outside the house:
a short flight to a low perch, from which they would hardly notice even their own deaths.
Together they have something still, a hierarchy, a divulsion of recent history, a narrow look concealing their hate, feeding me ghost deprivacy.
yummychuckle aw phil

i almost cried
tourist The Bird I am watching for is Mad,
Grendel-like, Cave dwelling
His absence here is troubling to me.
I only mean to wish Him well.
To Open ALL the doors.
daxle it's troubling me too
messages left, unanswered
unsure what to do
daxle worrying with reason
call from the hospital
tourist Hoping against Hope
Waiting on the Shore
Looking for Messages in a Bottle
Gulls Crying Overhead
Shadows on the Littered Strand
Where's the Blackened Bird I Knew?
daxle still not returned 020702
drstrangelove i love birds but dont know exacty why. i guess cuz they are free and fly all all over. i like the nests they build for their yung ones. i miss them. 020702
Casey The birds like to watch me back. 020703
birdmad freed from my captivity in the intensive_scare_unit and finally home again...

be back in a bit, it is time to eat dinner in the comfort of home again
ever dumbening welcome back, mr mad
glad you're okay

now i can go back to thinking that this blathe has something to do with larry joe
Irreverent Lovejoy may your farky ness decrease sexponentially 020703
bird with a lancet i just know that my blood was getting pretty daed

and now it's time for my test and my evening insulin
EDitor: Scahu Tagesblatt let's welcome the rest of the magnesium_hat wearing clan while we're at it. mmm, magnesium ribbon. me eyes on fiah, feelin hat hat hat.

the porch_foot_lepers of hapsslj were beaten hourly in your (pl.) absence, now they will be beaten in celebration of your (pl.) return.
paste! i'll be flicking tiny_apes off the albatross battleships for you mr. birdastatrongo. and at no charge, i'll arrange for a mad flonto discount weaved into your mutual_of_omaha membership card. 020703
tourist on tenterhooks Don't Worry us like that Again
Took the words right out of my Blathes
No One is allowed to any more Illness
Around here Any more!
Except Insanity of Course
That goes without saying
Now Don't It?
daxle where are you? 020822
what's it to you?
who go