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NOTE: "eistence", not to be confused with "existence". an "eistence" is an illusory "reality" that is nearly-always spelled with "quotes" around it*, found in "dimension there-is-no-x-here."

dimension there-is-no-x-here was created by the fardasnoots during the time of timelessness, by a glurdosnok renegade known only by the mysterious moniker, "bouncy_and_fancy". the illusory "eistence" experienced by aliens in that dimension was purely incidental and was never uncovered by the fardasnoots, despite what they felt was a thorough investigation of their kinder-dimension.

the fardasnoots did, however, observe the presence of the alien life forms, but they failed to recognize it as life, mistaking the foreign and bizarre beings for a mere set of complex chemical patterns. this amused the zalkatraontyls (creators of the fardasnook's illusory existence) greatly, who were unaware that they themselves existed in a simulated universe created by the tktrtktolts, who were in turn humored, etc, perhaps ad infinitum.

a curious irony, this was, as the fardasnoots had labored for many millekkia to create interesting life forms in "dimension triple-j-double-d", also a dimension of their creation. they succeeded eventually to produce ribitocs (aka, ribits), but again, they didn't realize they what they had created until it was too late, and the ribits - whom the fardasnoots admired for their perfectly emotionless dispositions - destroyed the fardasnoots.

eons later, the ribits began creating "artificial life-forms", and unwittingly created fardasnoots. as the fardasnoots possessed a power - emotion - completely unknown to the ribits, the fardasnoots soon overtook the ribits and destroyed them.

the cycle repeated many times, until at last the zalkatraontyls ended their simulation of the fardasnoot's universe. but unbeknownst to the zalkatraontyls, one of the early fardasnoots had entered a grogg-induced mystical state in which she was able to simulate the zalkatraontyl universe, via which she created a parallel fardasnoot universe, which continued to exist even after the zalkatraontyls ceased their fardasnoot simulation.

it appears that it is impossible to fully comprehend the simulated universes created by the residents of a simulated universe, and the difficulty of affecting second and third tier simulations (i.e. manipulating the simulations born of simulations) increases as a square of the "distance". additionally, deleting the intermediary simulation causes the simulated simulation to become an independent reality, and thus immune to manipulation or, often, observation.

this has now occured so many times that the number of independent "real" universes now exceeds the number of simulated universes, which is impressive, considering that the zalkatraontyls at one time had over ninety-one octillion universes in simulation**.

interestingly, one of the zalkatraontyl simulations was a universe in which everything was supposedly known by a large piece of flint. they continued to feed the flint knowledge from every conceivable source. they were indeed dismayed to discover that the more one knows, the less one knows, for the piece of flint, upon attaining an unprecedented speed of knowledge acquisition, soon was revealed to be, in the words of one zalkatraontyl, "dumber than a box of rocks".***

another of the zalkatraontyls' simulated universes was a giant clock, which they sat back and observed, until that became extremely boring. soon, the clock was forgotten. it is imagined by no one in particular that this watch is still running, uselessly measuring the irrelevant time of a forgotten existence (see **).

the zalkatraontyls' creators, the tktrtktolts, thought themselves to be an original universe, and created several simulations to test this hypothesis. although all of their data seemed to validate the hypothesis, it was in fact not so. long before the tktrtktolts evolved from their universe's primordial_soup_du_jour, the simulated universe which was simulating the tktrtktolts' universe was ended, thus real-izing their own universe. there would have been no way for the tktrtktolts to test for this, so they might be excused for their erroneous conclusions.

while it is typical for simulated universes to use the same system as that of their creators (i.e. physics or plondar or shpladaktavvvvvvvvvvalaovvvvvvvvooster) the tktrtktolts found much pleasure in creating simulated universes (and, for that matter, multiverses) whose mode of operation was so foreign to the tktrtktolts often were unable to determine "just what the fuck was happening"**** in their***** simulations.

* except for when i don't feel like it.

** which all became real universes when a power shortage caused the tktrtktolts' universe simulator (host system of the zalkatraontyl universe) to turn off, then on again.

*** the zalkatraontyls created a paralled simulated investigatory universe (PSIU), to investigate just what the piece of flint's own assessment of its knowledge was. the piece of flint thought it knew everything, though the zalkatraontyls knew otherwise.

**** this infamous quote, attributed to the tktrtktolt engineer vkrtervtk_XVII was in fact first used by poetkt zyklretrkt several ages before. while vkrtervtk_XVII was a notorious theif, the correct origin was never discovered by the tktrtktolts. however, the oooiaiiaoiiuiaeuoi simulated a universe which was remarkably similar to that inhabited by the tktrtktolts, and in this simulation, very similar events occured and the oooiaiiaoiiuiaeuoi did restore credit to zyklretrkt via a manipulation of the simulation.

***** the debate as to whether "ownership" could be applied to simulated universes is one which resulted in three civil wars amongst the zalkatraontyls, who were otherwise very peaceful. the same debate amongst the oooiaiiaoiiuiaeuoi resulted in their discovering the deliciousness of ice cream. the tktrtktolts, who abolished private property ages before discovering universe simulation, never even considered the possibility of assigning ownership to simulations, and when though they observed the zalkatraontyls' civil wars over that very issue, were never able to discern what was at the heart of the matter. from universe to simulated universe, it is difficult to see things when one is not open to the possibility of it existing in the first place. the oooiaiiaoiiuiaeuoi learned this the soft way, but that's another story altogether.

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