ice why does it have a bad connotation? 011114
Dafremen ummm..what were we just talking about again? 011114
unhinged somebody stop me...please

no. wait a second. i kinda like feeling like this all the time.
whoknows used to be.
not so much anymore though... i miss it dude!
unhinged she just shook her head while i finished my story. she had changed him into something she wanted but she had changed me too. did you think that when you came back here i would be an addict? i still play my little games; begin my little tests; say yes when i really mean no. and she still doesn't get it. "i don't have any respect for people who smoke pot." i don't have any respect for people who build their relationships on sex. and to think i used to love you, when you were just using me like all the rest of them. using me on several occasions to make everyone believe your lies, thinking i was too smart to fall for them too. i just wanted someone to hold my hand and when you grabbed it i thought it was real. but i'm supposed to be too smart for that. so i'll just take the bowl you gave me and get high with a goddess listening to heavenly recordings of bach. that could be so_real, unlike everything i've ever thought of you. 011209
nemo the person i was a year ago 011215
Dafremen See also

(Hello Mary Jane...goodbye heart)
j_blue the person i am instead of a drunk

i still drink as much though

GirlNamedLover this is not who you are 021019
curious toys ...it was carved into a table.
someone passing by, read it out loud mispronouncing it... "poe theeed?...oh, wait..pot head! (insert obnoxious laugh)hahaha oh man, i'm such an idiot."
yes, yes indeed he was. or maybe he was high...?
i don't know...but man, was he irritating.
call_me_lydea everyone hear that legalizing pot (for medicinal use) is up on the ballot in SF? Something about making it legal to sell it in shops and stuff...coooool shit 021020
User24 being sarcastic has it changed me?

sure it has, but in a good, though I am finding myself (a lot) more moody now I'm without any. But I know that withdrawal only happens with good things, right? I mean, if your body craves something, it's because it likes it.
A Most of the people on here ARE potheads, aren't they?
...Fucking awesome. I think I may have found nirvana.
dafremen In the rather uneventful news of last election cycle, find a footnote called proposition 44 which failed 800,000 to 500,00 or so. (Prop 44 would have legalized possession of marijuana in the state of Colorado.)

The voting system, fraught with the usual "glitches" that have "replaced" out and out fraud; creates Star-Wars-opening lines around the block at the various facilities set up to "serve the needs of the American people."

Back at home, I sit hitting my pipa slow and easy..not about to bother myself with 4 hour lines. No way.

"Man", I say to my friend, "I sure hope this shit passes.."
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