being the proud first-time owner of a lava lamp, i must say that it is quite mesmerizing. the lava itself is white immersed into a cobalt blue liquid. i find myself distracted by it so frequently that i may have to move it off of my desk. watching that lava migrate up and down is so much better than sex! ok, that's not true, because if it were then i wouldn't see the lava as this colossal-sized restless sperm! what does this mean?! nevermind, i don't want to know!

note:: within the short time period it took to write this, the lava took on the shape of one sad looking penis, and well now it looks like Casper!

::shakes head::

help me?
cube Lava lamps, fireplaces, and water fountains - i think we are mesmerized by these things because they never repeat precisely. There is a bit of chaos in each which our minds (probably) try to wrestle into a pattern.

My lava lamp is black in clear...
bethany i've had lava lamps since i was about 10. i've never had more than 1, but i've had about 4. i never know where the first one goes but i always manage to just have a different base or middle sometimes. i'm not crazy, it really happened. but i started out with a pink base and pink goo and pink lava, then it had a black base with pink and pink, then black base clear goo, purple lava, and so on...now i have a green sparkly base and orangey lava, perfect for the 100 per CENT iRish in me. oougie OY, abbergenevy...?...knobshiners. i like those lamps but not so much as these here computers ...garwsh. 020221
Mahayana [silver metal base]
[clear liquid]
[blue lava-liciousness]
[plastic silver cap]::[2 tOp it off]::
yummychuckle I hate lava. Therefore this is an odd place to complain. but still. The goddamn stuff cuts up your feet, and if you happen to have some sort of car accident in hawaii, in many places, your car could roll inot the lava and cut your face up. And its black and ugly. and the only use it has is to be background for hawaiian graffiti (white coral spelling stuff out. I made one that says "YUMMY" really big.)

also its kinda the entire island, and without it this wouldnt exist, and I probably wouldn't because I am part hawaiian (but I can fool u well. I am PALE.)
lulie If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let'em go, because, man, they're gone. (says jack) 020223
akenbosche what, do you live in a land of goddamn volcanoes? insurance must be a bitch there. 030120
Strideo "Oh, lava_lamp how I love you! But I'm . . I'm afraid it won't work out. I'm just a fascinated human and you . . . you're a blob of hot_wax floating in warm water. Maybe we should elope! I know our parents would never_understand anyway and . . . . . "
Nukemall bit too bandagee for me.

plus all those sking grafts after breaking the thing over my head
Lemon_Soda My uncle is an old stoner, so I get him pretty lamps every birthday and christmas. Probably liked it at first, but I bet now he's cursing me for this collection I slowly force on him. 031013
wingedSerpent I'd get a kick out of seeing Mt. Kilauea up close 031013
User24 I have a baccy tin with a lava lamp like effect on the lid, you know those squichy things with the two different coloured liquids that don't mix? yeah, one of them. it's like your own personal, portable lava lamp. 031013
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