silentbob she's just a face
just a smile
don't think about her
you'll spend more nights alone 3 hours away than you will ever spend with her
don't worry about it
just forget it
you may just never see her again
she's just a face to remember, a voice that talks to you
and that's all you'll ever know
because she's too far away to maintain anything with.
and thats just the way it is.
so just forget about her.
kendera can also be replaced with "boy". 001204
silentbob thats what chanaka told me too 001204
cnadinbrnet IT was like any other afternoon and we were lying on your bed. This wasn't unusual. I thought nothing of it. But we were alone. That's when you pressed yourself against me for the first time and I freaked out. I made some dumb excuse to leave. I know you didn't believe it but I didn't care. I was just a girl. But I knew it was wrong. I trusted you, but not anymore. You thought it was some big joke, but you scared me too much. I never told my parents. I never told anyone. The thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. Everytime you hugged me I grinned and bared it. Because I was just a girl. To small. I wonder if you realised that my view of you had changed. I hated you now. I only saw you because I had to. Because you were my neighbour. When we moved towns I was so glad. To be away from you. But it still sickens me today. When I think about it. When people hug me. I haven't felt comfortable after that. It's all because of you I feel so screwed up. I haven't forgiven you for it. If you ever come to my house again to visit us. I will shut myself in my room again. I will not let you corner me like last time. For I'm not just a girl anymore. 020731
rosemary make a funny face and you will see my lips curl up in a smile 020731
devo the girl u want 020801
nemo a swirl savant 020915
girl_jane I hope I'm not. 020915
girl_jane There-did you see that?

I used the word hope again...

Such a funny funny painful word
unhinged my hate has crystallized for you. so i found it deeply disturbing that you could push me to razorblades. you make me want to die. you are the epitome of every relationship i had in elementary school. so i won't stay sober around you. but even you couldn't cut through the opium_resin. the revelation has been that you are a disgusting human being and that makes you the ugliest person i know. and i could still smile after i thought that. no pity, no forgiveness, just the occasional drink at the bar for all that you are in the rears karmically between us. but i won't stay sober around you. i wanted to push down. gravity makes things so heavy that you can't move. your own body weight crushes you, pushes you down closer to the dirt where you belong. i try to scrape her poison out of me and still i produce more venom. hate sits in my chest like lead. don't ever let her fool you into thinking that she's just_a_girl. she's not even human. 020916
god without a human penis. 030527
shivers i know im just a girl. nothing special, no one cares. dont tell me that they do. they only truly worry about themselves, but them again, isnt that human nature? 030527
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