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it is from a vantage point high in the trees that dave and sammy plot their revenge, having already knitted a nice amotos from the hide of gary cherone
Tommy Amotosfiger ...somebody said "Fair Warning, Lord !"
Lord, strike that poor boy down

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Christopher Kendalls Drowning
By Chris Kendalls

I stand at the crossroads again
I live to write about my experiences
Unlike most or so I think
I have days to think about my problems
Perhaps seems to be years in passing

And although I said everything was ok
A situation I think I will let pass me again
Character has to stand for something
Thought it seems when I am alone
I have the companionship of everyone else

But you have to learn to deal with your own strife
And before circumstances overwhelm you
The only problem is with every denial
Comes an even bigger and more lucrative deal
But itís ok though

Because you live once for a reason
And while you stand on the other side of the pen
Just to hear about what misery I am dealt
Think about what pain I could cause myself
Trying to mature and get away from that now

Because there are better things
There was a time I needed proof
Now I think I have to prove myself to her
Figure Iím a better person for it
Never let me sleep a day again
Christopher Kendalls Existential
By Chris Kendalls

They didnít like me uptown it was getting dangerous
So I took the $350,000 I hid in a Brooklyn playground
Got a flight out west to the city of angels
Started partying out in West Hollywood
I was selling Gucci out of a small boutique
It took up most of my money but it was well worth it

Took me 2 1/2 years for it to meet my standards
In spite of the fact Iíd made a profit within a few months
I didnít care to be a socialite out west though
Plus my girl left me it was Queens for life
Canít say I blame her I was drifting anyway
Just cause itís legal now doesnít mean it will stay that way

One day a sexy brunette comes into the store
Says sheís a rock star invites me out to the set to hear them rehearse
Despite my convictions they were pretty down to earth
The weather was great out here and it was like a dream
But then those towers fell and I ended up attending my exís funeral
Her mother was a janitor and she couldnít live with the loss

I started questioning if I should have helped them out more
Started feeling guilty about the feelings I was begging to develop
New York isnít for everyone some people never start crying soon enough
The problem was I sort of turned Jennifer onto it though
Had to figure out what part of life I valued more
Iím glad she stayed out there because her career is taking off

Itís like you canít let your defenses down soon enough
Despite lifeís maladies I canít get enough of the metropolis
If no one else ever crosses my path Iíve loved enough for this life anyway
Turned out she was just using me for the connections I had out East
Yet I still had business to take care of; future autonomy:
The next time you saw me live in New York I had opened up a store there
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