deb funny little guy with fuzzy
no-comb hair
he played the guitar and could sing...
soooo soo well..
always had some intellegant conversation
to share
unless he was rapping vanilla ice
he never wore his shoes, like me,
and he was vegetarian too...
::laughs:: in fact, he convinced andy
(cappuccino stealing guy)
that he needed to be a vegetarian, and
andy went along, for a while.
he loved japanese food and dragged all of us
to gia's with him
it was good...

oh, how i miss my chicago groupies...
deb ::sighs::
i think i am the only one who can spell

::shakes her head::
i'm so off today
rabbit of the morning alan cummings... the best actor there is. 000415
MollyGoLightly alan is twelve i think. he likes video games more than people. he knows i don't like him. he doesn't give a shit. 000416
flo i know a lad called alan.
he isn't very bright and is so boring that he has been knicknamed steve.
*Ziima* I know we havnt had the best history...but you know we had to try everything. I've survived through it all, and so have you. How can we give up now? We're like puzzle pieces that fit so well you cant get them apart. But sometimes I think you wish we hadnt been put together. I know I'm not the easiest to deal with. But, I shouldnt have to chase you. You're the one that ran away before you spoke. The pain doesnt suit me, and the gift you gave me I put away. I couldnt look at it because it made me think of you when I knew I shouldnt. But whenever I have sorrow, I look to you. Lately it's been a bad choice because you are in it too. I no longer feel I can be held by you. I trust you, but honestly most of the time I cant remember everything that I do. I always fuck things up anyway...So whats the point of trying if you'll hate me for being me. I know I'm not an angel. I make a point not to be. It seems you dont need my conversations, or my thoughts. I guess you dont want to be in my dreams anymore. You say you love me, and that I should know that. Well then if i tell you I love you, You should know that too. I'm sorry for everything I've ever done, and I'm sorry for all the pain and suffering I have brought you. Please forgive me, Alan...
I miss you...
I miss myself..
I miss my brother...
I miss my soul...mate..
wallflower I wish I knew you, Alan. You seem like a great guy. This insane genius who walks around with a grin on his face. Even I have to smile when I picture him explaining to the preschoolers what Fiscal Policy Economics are.

You're gonna do okay, Alan.
petit potiron My name is alan.

I somehow think that all the other alans should be like me, but they aren't.

It's as crazy as expecting everyone born in the same month to have the same horiscope.

"If your name is alan, expect money from an unusual place tomorrow"
beorn I am Alan not Allen or Allyn but ALAN. I am simpler then the others and not so extreeme. I would not say i am a better alan because in the end to everyone else we are just AL 030409
AK I used to think that I didn't like being called Al. That was until i realized that everyone already called me that... 081123
z turing 081124
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