nameless sometimes i type really fast and then im proud of myself 991218
troy ..you should be!...
-I am the 2nd-slowest typer on the Planet :(

My Enneagram Type is a Transcended-"1", with an almost equally-strong "9"-Wing.
(In the Don Richard-Riso Typology Model).
troy (Sorry Folks; -the Meyers Briggs Personality Typology System never did much for me...although they are a good starting-point).
-But with only 16-"types", it is a bit limiting in it's ability to really flesh things-out beyond a certain point.
The Enneagram has over 120 different "types", NOT including all of the various subsets [The Don Richard Riso Enneagram Model; -I can't speak for any other person's Enneagram Model].
troy And did you know that everyone has 3 "Signs" in Astrology, & not just 1 "Sign"?
I didn't, & thought Astrology was a crock; -but after looking at other Personality Typologies, I checked-out (true)-Astrology (when I heard that everyone has 3 Signs & that you have to blend the 3 Signs together to get started-on the Astrology Personality Typology System).
I'm glad I opened my mind & checked it-out; -it has given me many amazing insights into different dynamics going-on in my life.
[*NOTE: I look-at Astrology as a Personality Typing System; -as a useful tool for self-examination. I *DO NOT* try to use Astrology to "forecast" / predict the Future; -that is an entirely different topic which I am definitely *NOT* blathering about here].
-Just wanted to be clear about that :)
nameless i dont believe in astrology, im almost the exact opposite of my sign and nothing they say will happen to me ever happens 991231
troy nameless:
i felt the same-way, but I think you missed the point I made about needing to know more than JUST ONE OF YOUR SIGNS, to be able to take an objective look at any meaning that Astrology might have in your life -(you said: "..my Sign.." - Sign being *Singular*).
It's really sad that Astrology has been reduced to what you find in the grocery store check-out line booklets OR what is found in America's newspapers.
Maybe if you read the Horroscopes for your other 2-Signs, you might find something different?
-Just my humble, but honest opinion on it (I too, did NOT believe in Astrology; -I definitely did not 'fit' into the 'mold' that those little booklets and newspaper-columns tried to cram me into).
I'm just blathering...
ratfucker george "stymie" klein III type of things that make me wanna push paper clips through my eyelids. type of stuff you get when you try to understand what "mail me a bowl of cereal", and "a yeast will be worm" really mean to a person who is just fresh out of swim class. type of stereo that permits you to play vinyl, cd, cassette, 8-trk, reel to reel, and edison's famous wax cylinder all at once. type of sound you get when you got a ten-foot tall stack of transistor radios all tuned to different stations. 001021
me i hate typing. i type alot of typos. i even invented some new words. actually i do that most everyday. i need one of those speak and the words show up on your screen things. 041229
Lila Pause So I have a type. It's the same ones everytime. They cast a ripple in my subconscious mind. And remind me of when I was a child- truly loved. It was only for an instant. But I'm doomed to relive it. A kind face behind glasses and middleaged. I accidently noticed the wedding ring. It wasn't good for my fantasy. And then I knew that you had two little girls and an angel for a wife. You shower those two girls with a pure love. And I crave what they have.
I would steal their candy like a hypglyceamic maniac.
Kapprika I seek to type in perfection. The thought of transfering thoughts to the computer the instant I have them fascinates me. 080801
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