silentbob I loved you that night, and every night after because
for just that night you were mine
i go back there all the time
because it didn't matter that we couldn't dance
and it didn't matter that i'd already asked
all that mattered was your eyes on mine
and your hands with mine and we danced til they told us we couldn't dance anymore
his point of veiw maybe? "hey, I think this is your girlfriend's." He said, as he dangled a pink bra in front of my eyes.
she turned away, did I not notice she took her bra off? This girl is nuts!
"Is this yours?" I asked, already knowing the answer. She nodded and snatched it back. Cool. No bra. I like this girl...What? did HE find her bra before me? What was he doing holding my girlfriends bra? Why was my girlfriends bra not on her?
why did he keep looking at her and licking his lips? And why was she doing the same with him?
Oh fuck. I wish this gun was loaded. I'd love to just..
BAM a zillion times into my head. My heart was already damaged, I figure I'd even it out, and hurt my head. I mimicked my thoughts with the gun.
"why are you doing that...?" She asked. She knew damn well what was bothering me. Why did she have to be so obvious? If she liked my best friend, she could at least be a bit more sly about it. What you don't know can't hurt you. And if I could just ignore this, maybe I can continue my life the way things were going before. Smooth sailing. New girl, new summer, new fun, old friends.
"nothing" I muttered. My head was in my hands. It was heavy, weighed with thoughts. She came over to me, put her arms around me. But she hesitated. She doesn't want to hold me. I know she wants to hold him. Lick him. Kiss him. I know what she'd do to him...I know what he'd do to her. I've seen him with girls before.
FUCK. He can't do that to her...she is MY girlfriend! But what can i do? Its out of my hands. She likes him, he wants her. He wants some action. She wants HIM. She can get some action from me, but she wants him instead.
"Are you ok?" she asked. Not really caring.
"yeah...just...drunk" I muttered. slurred words meandered out of my mouth and into the pillow I had my face smothered into. Never had I felt so sober while so drunk.
"ok." she responded, and let go of me. Let me fall to the depths below, where I would have inevitably fallen to anyway. The end would come some day. She wasn't from around here, and I probably wouldn't see her again. I was bound to fall. I just wished it hadn't been so soon.
I saw her sit on the couch, next to HIM. Shouldn't she be sitting by me? I AM her boyfriend...They want eachother. Its so obvious.

Goodbye hopeful summer.
Afro Remember that night when I asked you how many people you had slept with before me? All you could do is cry. You couldn't even answer me. I never thought of you as a slut until that night, and then I knew....I was just another link in the chain. And you tried to tell me otherwise. You said you loved me, and that I was so much different than the rest. Do you think I actually believed you? And I stayed with you, thats how fucked up I was. To this day I still don't know what power you had over me. 040109
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