CrAzYpInKmOnKeY i kissed a drunk girl
i kissed a drunk girl yesterday
i kissed a drunk girl on the lips
i let my guard down
how could i have been so dumb
her eyes were open
i know i am not the one
i know i am not the one
i know i am not the ooooonnnnne

i kissed a drunk girl
why do i do these things i do to
i kissed a drunk girl
and im sure i could have been
n-e-body else

what an awesome band
betwixt cool band, but I never hear them on the radio. 020613
Kate Paul's favourite band as of yesterday. He burned me the cd on Monday which was incredibly nice of him. He even typed out the names of the songs. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but my favourites are Hurricane, Punk Rock Princess, and Cavannaugh Park.

"Maybe this time I can follow through
I can feel complete
Stop paying dues
Stop the rain from falling
Keep my oceans calm"
girl_jane Bobby and I listened to it today in the car. It was a nice little drive, huh Bobby? 020613
sabbie pinstripes.



uncaring attitude.

uncomforatble hairstyles.

general bastardness.

yes, im bitter.
but i thought all these things
before you went and proved it to me.

but its not that people dont see through them, its just that people dont care. we all need phone lines and new jeans and fast food, dont we? so what can i do?

i was reading the other day that there has been a sever increase in the amount of things we have as 'perceeved need' ie stuff we can no longer do with out.

i thought that curious, alice.
kill rhythm there was never any place for someone like me to be totally happy. im running out of clock, and that aint a shock...some things never do change

never do change
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY i sªw them 2 dªys ago
wªrped tour ªnd they were
ªwesome i wish i could spreªd
word about them morè
trin i absolutely love them. i saw first heard about them last year, my roommate always played em. i became an immediate fan of "punk rock princess." then i saw em at warped tour and took a picture with William and Andrew. They are not only hot musical geniuses, but also sweethearts. oh and me and my friend made shirts that say "F U JORDAN" and wore them to the Weezer concert. 020806
silentbob theyre kind of nice
i didn't make any effort to see them at warped_tour
kill rhythm im making shirts for warped tour, and i am trying to figure out which something corporate lyric to put on them.

which lyrics are your favorites?
trin definitely "fuck you Jordan" 020808
painted marbles i met them at warped tour last year, and got pictures with all except the drummer and second guitarist. but clutch the bassist is awesome, william the guitarist is a pretty boy, and andrew is the piano player. im in love with him simply because of that. piano_rock forever. 030223
endless desire "these words consume her but never set her free."

is an incredible band.

i am surprised i do not hear more of konstantine on blather. blatherites seem like they'd be konstantine fanatics.
endless desire i can't stand punk rock princess or if you C jordan because they are not their best songs in any way, but everyone seems to like those two just because they are the ones everyone knows and that just pisses me off. 030913
anne-girl i like them too

i woke up in a car
cavanaugh park
drunk girl
me and the moon
forget december

jack's_mannequin is also somewhat cool.
what's it to you?
who go