splinken yeah, these things have occured to me, too. and i've had some outbursts, but i made them so vague that no one knew what the hell i was ranting about.

i just lurk and fume, or i run away and play somewhere else. i attribute this to my lack of focus. when i'm irritated, i rarely hold the thought still long enough to pinpoint exactly what it is that's pissing me off. so i can't articulate it.

this is a machine-thing. everyone is a moving part, and everyone does different work. i think that daxle and miniver might be the same sort of gear, only they do their work in different parts of the machine.

christ. here comes metaphor girl. full speed ahead.
Barrett "The Lurking Fear"
H.P. Lovecraft
miniver But, life! Life, I mean. People are doing this all the time, every day, in every little interaction. People I know. People I don't know. People I watch. People I love. People I intensely dislike. People I am.

I guess blather is a part of life -- if it weren't, I wouldn't have cared to be honest with it in the first place. But blather is just a ridiculously small part of what I'm talking about. And what I'm talking about is already ridiculously small enough!

But, blather also provided me that opportunity to "focus", as you mentioned, in writing. I wanted to. I really tried to articulate, however limited the medium.

I suppose I could write letters to people in 'real life'. Spread my gospel. But, I don't have to. The experiment continues over here, too, with all of my little 'real' people. I talk to them. I tell them, "What do you think about this"? And they say yada, yada, etc. And, I say, "But, what about this idea..." And, so on.

I can't tell everyone, yet, I guess. But, I think I'm winning a few people over.
kendra what part of the machine are you splinken?

bobby is the carborator.

i don't know why.

he just is.
splinken the little blather microcosm...yeah, i like that!

and i suppose that this is a good medium to use if you are going to conduct social experiments in honesty, etc.

it's easy for me to call people out in real life. i do it at parties all the time ("i know what you're up to!"). but for some stupid reason, i get shy about it out here in the word world. so i obfuscate and mask and make things ambiguous enough that if someone were to actually catch on to something critical, i could say i was "just talking about something else."

anyhow, maybe it's my civic duty to smash the ones who wheedle, and to smash myself when i start wheedling.
silentbob if i am the carberator
then birdmad is the cd player, playing New Order, or perhaps Dead Can Dance
Our Lady of perpetual chanaka lurking i'll stand and watch
since i have been lurking for years
kingsuperspecial I like how we all blath around each other, and even get close enough to exchange thoughts in real time. Then it' back to lurking about, visiting with the other freaks, and maybe trying to get some sleep after a while.

some good heads around here.
jordy find it inside yourself to live with the ones who are inside your mind 011120
danio no. i can't do that forever. it gets fucking boring. i may be a lunatic but i guess not over the edge just far enough. the reality of his flesh is far too tempting to care about you guys.

heart/felt/superego ...after his trails,
and while the leads were old
before the weather got cold
demented desire prevails;

today it clings
and in time devotion's borne
to the sounds he sings
while the music rings

how desire keeps a hold
of the sounds
that are growing old
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