paste! PLAQUES,
LOPO lacky,

ss uniconapsatchel sank. DAI-DAI. in ether, we all tramb, and tramb we all in small executories. enuff of da che lo malispa...SPL~~dunno bout that rice you sold...givin me the team_of_trumpet. i have sold my roo daisies fin, $.05, nickel, nickel, nickel.

"when you get old the sense of our daily bread becomes a raisin." -EP

:INON -sam the uterotrope- gave me the uni-wisdolphin. leo fled. but the aute, the aute whispered to me the secretion of the chi:

"never slope on the brisket of Souphalt. this beats you up into sharp florets."

man is a general nosecow.

and sumthin' bout the white kanderchief in the red rosebushes.

$.20 my fiend, fried deer, rebates.

the omnicutioner,
Shitz Allocator
paste! Shitz the Tadpile,

Congratalons! wuhfor? well digging, the gnu has camped here lormer and fratter. # OF BACON = sassy a/o portal to sand. and here's more quoth:

"the pot must have two of given quantines or suffer the lack of chest." -WW

my favvia Shah Fritz Mojo:

"in any prearranged ROBBERY, there must be a car willing to go the extra mile too."

23 heat mae. 7 heat mae (applicati se trochy on her latest % of der chondenheisser). got castled by the frost bish, got wrestling license in nevada.

yrs in spirit and stink,
LOPO lacky
LOPO lacky,

sans dilemma, we have a mysteree. Borges' GORGES lit up the new arena; like so, it takes a towel to hack up the lozenges you gave. met Master of Afternoon, quite an installationist via 6 of teaclubs.

"rattlesnake tails are surplus in the village. know why? the marinara. does it every time" - PH

MO-STITCHES dS MA plef *BVV. choicest dreams like captivision nasal, or, and, if, they kitch in glow machini.

the abbostracter,
Shitz Allocator
paste! 3-2-1...digesting house,
Shitz Allocator,

i can belly the fascia as you can meet the Master of Afternoon. remarketable! how did his punches land? twasy quackierre or distemmed from our noisy contraband "orbit sorbet"? ---THIS IS MY LEFT EAR SCRATCHING MY WOODEN DESK. THIS IS A PINA COLADA. THAT IS DUCK ON MOON FIN.---

weeded it...no sloppily fass-guarantics en mi slopa de las maqueradas.

BIG MACARONI vs. the sunday brunch for lepers? victor gets a lazy diagram of ARK #22: draftee--Roberto Gorbachev.

rollin' inda 7hundred-slick-tonsil,
GREETUS yeast paragon,
LOPO lacky
paste! shotogo Shitz,

welling tones is spellish, but REW (the organe potticule is furnished green and honorous.) sugars the possible ^CC1CC^ tanker. same as ever, Space Potticule Foot is running patchlong into fierce 3.

i was ushering my own ways, tying ma boots, when i spotted Hooooolo R. Tub sippin' 34 strikes Lici (impl. North Kollind) straight from da bottle.

Ain't Red A Broken Coral? Is She In The Fettuchinese Cloak? Where Is Tsai And The Diastorical Shin?

"eligibilty for the shamecoming disco has now expired. please deflate your polystyrene whiskers."

...at the beep, please leave your rotoscopic belly on the phtalo lawn...ventone.

not a correspon'tango anymore?,
LOPO lacky, :head restorizist:.
LOPO lacky,

(sorry to hear about the chowster angle not collaborating with the dot-dot-spin-dot-flap-spin.)

--under the pail filled with metallic lianics of the tusk persuasion is a coupon modified by Wildow (sp) for you to dice up Upside & Llewelder's latest shamecoming. take heed fair LOPO; you'll carve out the circuits with candor and wichiquita solla dow. in the event of emergency, call 63 ext. *PLEF-gbhazl and ask for Saltina, she will guide you to soup or success or both.--

blatantly rational and sick of it,
the respotographer,
Shitz Allocator
paste! raw raw Shitz,

they's gots yuppy. they's gots ma yuppy. here listeroid, come hither, retroaction slima gathers no kate moss or MARGARITA DE SCHQLA or event clandes dui fleura up in section C-5.

56 of the 83 walpines are stored in the gravitational chest aura that became named after forests, crosssectsss forested, all for la and a little lala. go stem!

go stem!
platinummest with wiped del,
LOPO lacky
paste! SPLAD,
general LOPO lacky,

a gyro poblinash indicated our kneading has fallen out of favor with ourselves--loaves to say:

"let us get on thy good feet and make love 'through' the scene." -jb kynda

as Trong DELA Gibbons noted in his lectures on the risklessness of irrduende, "you shook the companions of the arches, those beams, now like concrete salad, but better dressing, and then it stops, irrduende, insatiable irrduende, it stings the barely like a scorpion catapulted onto the watchguard in the middle of his deep deep reflection on his own new shortcomings, and his still necessary risks, which will never charm or plumb on this basis now after this brief distraction which causes that moment to just scurry under, like the vinegar of construction."

plef* TUC = smasonic broth ladeled by copper, brass, whatthefuck metal spoon ask neighboar Tusk Tesh, full of iced tears, few scars, homeliness and licenses for all activities, chorgonzola or deoxy-chorgonzola implemented with cement, there is no mind change like when it goes basil. there are no egos in legos. elle macpecan, geraldine filberts, ALL NUTS!

Ph.d. of 5 1/2!!!, perenially basic

there are teams in lego completition that are plastered so well,
the rawhideout,
Dr. Allocator, Shitz not Sheriff
paste! ershitz,

laqueried in scope, patella touchy. reclination on sed chair = 35 of 167 joints fallable yet able for springside dyslaunching. 55 ABC's recited near forks, braggamuffins, THE Capital of ANN-ST. North of RErecordings, SW of suite Draussen. excellent # of pounds, lots of S's with slashes, HERESAY, $mechanical$ bullitic tendency.

"loop the rope through the satellites. once done, tug. now you have the fiercies." - Jean Van Minivan

sem gpa 3.1415,
(not brazierres deardeers, bear)
LOPO of the lacky
paste! Shwaggy Lopularo,

This pleases me to inform you that Trong DELA Gibbons rousted snacks free via luftwaffle mechs (bibbery nay nay) and clean rippymonk methodicals sans, oh sans, oh clear delicate sans, sans heat and freedom grains, sans scissory potpourfolki and the enchazzing distension of the stringed esophageal refraction nay nay.

NEWS: Upside & Llewelders are fashioning a rig that is destined to remove us from the underbelly of consciousness. what say you this?

[++magma carton signed 13 minutes ago in st. aqueducts' famous resevoir tipped condominium structure; rivals dee busier y fly wright++]

"reverse is sung forward" - Sheila Hayes

g g g g g ottag omake canpakes for the children of merciful maltodextrin as so, and so, they shrink...

chairs and buttresses,
the tyapolinator,
what's it to you?
who go