silentbob It's official. Kevin Smith's next movie is said to be in theaters by August 2001. I'm excited, but basing the life-expectancy of that date on his previous movie postponements, i won't be holding my breath. 001130
KARESSA I Loved it! 010829
silentbob so i was wrong.

but the movie was beaitufl. so funny. so much to say about it but i try to sum it all with one word:

sweetheart of the song tra bong I have to get over to a movie theater and see it; if only for the reason that my breasts were once nicknamed Jay and Silent Bob (the product of a very moonlit August night during which two girlfriends and I laughed enough to feel drunk and throw stones at people. don't ask) 010830
what to do? I heard it sucked and that if you really liked the other movies you shouldn't see it. I heard it was sadly disappointing. so now I can't decide whether to see it or not. 010831
Mushroomman go see it and find out for yourself..

thats what i do
silentbob well i dearly liked all the movies and i loved this.

The movie makes fun of people who say, "If you liked the first movies you wouldnt like this one."

its kevin smith and they are all his movies, so its not like hes betraying himself or something like that.
KARESSA I went to see this bombass movie agin with all my girlfriends. We had some REDRUM and smoked two fatty BLUNTS. Then we went in and had the best movie experience of our lives. 010901
Mushroomman After a few margaritas..

i went and saw it.....

It was so fuckin funny.. i love it
Dafremen Apparently the common theme here is that if you liked it, you were either BENT out of your skull, or you were named after one of the main characters. I'm gunna hafta see this..(I'll make sure and get twisted FIRST, no need to throw good money away on a rental I won't like.) 010910
Casey The DVD version rocks. The deleated scenes are long, but pretty good, along with other things on it. 020310
unhinged yes casey, i agree. i saw it last night with my friends from work. it was much fun. "fuck fuck mother mother fuck, noise noise noise, 1,2, 1234, shmokin weed, shmokin whizz, doin crack, drinkin beers beers beers beers, who smokes the blunts? we smoke the blunts"

....or something like that
silentbob Snoogans 020310
lady lunchbox just watched it on vhs last nite...and it was great!! i wanna see every kevin smith movie ever!!!!!! 020311
god what the FUCK is the internet? 020331
boo boo boo boo kitty fuck 020710
kill rhythm ok i know its kinda late, but i saw it, ive seen all the other ones, and clerks happens to be my favorite. but i thought this one was so funny, it could be a close second. dont get me wrong, they are all great. but i thought this one was so hilarious. and yes, the deleted scenes were kickass

i love jason_mewes :)
silentbob oh my god
i wonder if daffy will read this

i reread what you wrote on here and laughed really hard

"so....you either have to be BENT OUT OF YOUR SKULL or named after one of the main characters to enjoy this movie"

blue star I want to have jay's children. I'm not joking. I was so incredibly turned on by him in this movie... 030311
silentbob ensuring that the future of america will continue our time honored tradition of white trash ho bags

i'm just kidding.
IGG awww fuck i want to see this again, it fucking rules.

fuck you you fucking square!
or something like that.
i liked this film way too much.

they were showing it on sky and i was just so amused that someone swore as much as i did that i sat laughing at the screen for a good 20 minutes whilst my mother looked disapprovingly at the screen.

i watched the whole thing.
then i watched it with friends, when drunk.
and then i found out it was the last in a whole kind of series of movies.

that really upset me, and i didnt watch any of the others because i dont want that world to stop.

sad i know, but we all have our escapist techniques.
now stop poking holes in mine and find your own. *pokes tongue out*

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fuck the police!'
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