unhinged someone asked me a few months ago what the difference was; why i could be okay with someone being a pothead and not a cokehead. that drugs are drugs and i shouldn't be selective with which ones i allow other people to do and which ones i don't....but i guess it's not so much allowance as it is tolerance. i can tolerate almost all drugs except coke and crack. (my tolerance for drugs in general is very low right now though) but i refuse to be around someone on coke/crack or be 'with' someone who does coke/crack. the first reason is i lost a really good friend because of coke. not lost in the literal sense, but his personality was destroyed by coke and we no longer have any real connection to each other. some people would argue whether he was a good friend to me, but we were at least close on some level before he started doing the shit. now i barely say more than hello to him because it kills me to see the person he is now. which leads me to another theory of mine....different drugs influence someone's personality in different ways. coke makes people mean. period. obviously, there are mean people who smoke weed, but if you have known cokeheads AND potheads, you know what i am talking about.

and my ex_boyfriend has started doing coke again so i can give you a little personal case study on how coke changes someone's personality:

the last two times i talked to him on the phone he kept demanding that i have phone sex with him. it had come up before when he wasn't doing coke but when i said i didn't want to he would say 'are you sure?' and when i said no again drop it. he was very aggressive and persistent about me having phone sex with him and called me a bitch when i said no. he never talked to me like that when he wasn't doing coke. when i actually had phone sex with him and i'm not sure why i did (he is pretty manipulative and gets me to do a lot of things i really don't want to do) he was saying all this shit about how he owned me. and how it was nice to know that me and him could be separated for a few months and i would come back to him. i mean, just the quality of the things he was saying to me and the way he was saying them were decidely more mean and selfish. which i have had enough experience with it to say that it is from doing coke regularly. which has finally placed him firmly in the spot of ex_boyfriend rather than the limbo we had been for about four months. so it looks like i've lost another friend to coke.

so that's why i hate coke. and i would rather see someone smoking pot than snorting coke anyday.
celestias shadow coke- bad. bad bad bad.

weed- fine in moderation. just don't fry ALL of your brain cells, m'k?
fat boy there is nouthing wrrong with weed but coke is ok 2 not a good buzz thou i would rather smoke skunk 040511
lilmomma im a pothead and proud!!!
i use to do coke and other forms of speed alot. then one day i was helping a friend shoot up and i thought to myself "hey this looks easy, i could do that." my next thought "what the fuck am i thinking? mabey i should lay off." and i did. a year later i tryed it again and realized that its not worth the come down (or the money you spend on it.) i havent touched the shit after that.
so now i smoke weed. not all the time afer i get home from work and need to relax thats when i roast a bowl eat some munnhies and pass the fuck out.
=0) yeah weed!!!!
phil coke is to weed as bullet is to trigger 040511
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