eyedream Do you love? Are you true? What are your dreams? 030509
jane yes

chemical reactions in my brain whilst i sleep
User24 I hardly ever remember my dreams. I can't remember when I last remembered a dream. It was at least a week ago, and usually I only remember one or so a month. It's annoying becuase I used to love dreaming; I'd look forward to it.

I suppose going to bed at 2 o'clock every night doesn't help (and I really do mean that, every single night it's at least 2am, sometimes as late as 4.)

Also coupled with my recent habit (see the counter) I suppose my brain doesn't function the way it used to.

And the fact that I'm going through an increasingly worrying introspective phase right now. Maybe I'll start a dream book.

Nonononononono. Too many projects. concentrate. focus energy on one area. write down project ideas, and complete them one at a time, instead of trying them all at once.

lalalala.. blatantly personal thread, but I don't care if you infringe.
pipedream we are the dreamers...the finders of beauty in the grey weave of life, dancers in the rain, saviour of puppies and people.
we are the dreamers, hopeful in the worst adversity, smiling through our tears, crying in our joy.
we are the dreamers, the people who visualized the impossible and flew on the wings of their fantasy, higher than the laughter, the incredulity, the scorn.
torch-bearers of humankind, we are the dreamers.
sylphide we are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. 030510
poly_phonic_purr with a shotgun she blew a hole in her chest, didn't touch any organs, we just packed it with rags 030919
endless desire but when the rags slipt out of the whole, he tried to stuff it tissue paper, tying a bow from the chin to the ears and calling her a present of wonderful sorts. 031216
pd because for him, she was a rare, special thing, and he wanted to grow old with her and wake up next to her every morning, and hear her sing in the shower and hold his fingers in the dark. holes in a chest were small, very small fry. 031217
silentlybroken For he saw a beauty in her that no-one else could ever embody. He loved to hold her on those long, crimson, winter nights, his arms wrapped tight around her, as if shielding her from her greatest fears. He delighted in her every blessed feature while resting one soft, motionless hand tenderly on her breast... 031217
Lemon_Soda Kings and Queens, one and all. Two sides of the way things are....always two sides...even a circle has an inside and outside...Dream on, dream on. Shape the world into something wonderful...dream. 031217
suicidalchinadoll I love
I am true

I dream of living again.
I dream of nonregression
its coming closer
though you may not see

its what I see that makes the difference anyway.
what's it to you?
who go