jess a freedom, a distant place in your imagination, setting me free from the rest of the world..my paradise 000112
old hick Sometimes, I go off into my own little world. But it's alright, they know me there. 000124
distorted tendencies When I'm with you at The_River. 010923
Katie Rose I'm under the glittering heavens waiting for a falling star.. and Jon is the only one I want there with me. 011102
distorted tendencies I have yet to experience your renewal. 020313
guess who An apple orchard full of perfectly strait rows of trees so full and beautiful that its unreal. Each apple is plump and bright red. The sun shines and reflects off of each one. The grass under your bare feet is uncut but full and a beautiful shade of dark green. There is an old home-made latter leaning up against one of the trees. You can see it along with and old brown basket half full of plump, ripe, apples. Rows and rows as far as the eye can see. The weather is warm but not too warm...just perfect. There is a small puddle of water on the ground. As a bird flies from the branches of one of the trees a small, green leaf lightly floats from the tree and lands in the puddle. You walk to the puddle and you look at your reflection in the water. Your reflection is crystal clear like your looking into a mirror. While looking into the puddle you see the bird. It's a pretty little blue bird. The bird flies back into the tree where it goes to its little nest where three little blue bird chicks await their supper. Continuing the walk through the orchard you see a childs jump rope laying on the ground. Nothing fancy, just an old rope with plastic handles. You can hear the sound of childrens laughter floating through the breeze. To your left you see a little home-made stand where a little boy was sitting with a sign that reads "frest apple juice 10 cents." You reach into your pocket which is completely empty except for one dime. You had the boy the dime and without a word from either of you, he hands you a cup of apple juice. You bring the cup to your lips. Before you even take a sip you can smell the sweetness. You slowly take a sip. Its tangy and sweet. Just the taste of it takes you to another place...takes you to a utopia of sorts... takes you to an apple orchard full of perfectly strait rows of trees so full and beautiful that its unreal. Each apple is plump and bright red. The sun shines and reflects off of each one. The grass under your bare feet is uncut........ 020503
shathead Utopia: a day in the life of a domestic animal. Yes, that's right. Something so simple. A cat or dog, whatever. Just imagine it-- they never do anything. NEVER. Freedom to do anything you want. No obligations. No commitments. No boundaries. Freedom to piss on anything and everything. Able to bite the hand that feeds you. No fears. 040214
Procletnic Love, unity, justice.. The dream that we can achieve the unachievable. The struggle to be real although we live in an imaginery universe of ours. The constancy of our emotions. The meaning of life. 040829
hsg achievable 040922
love & hate any life with my katie 040922
twist i experience uptopia through marijuana 040927
jane i can tell you where it's not:

new york city.

birdmad a concept which runs contrary to both the most positive and negative aspects of human nature 040927
hsg a book per day.
$500 per day.
1200 calories per day.
bike 40 miles per day.

these things brings us closer to utopia.
pete an elaborate joke to some
a vision of perfection to other
yet did more cry when he wrote this,
tearing so deeply into his own life?
did he tremble as he wrote the arrogant letters,
or did he merely smile,
doing his thing,
humanist to the core
(they all seem so self-important),
enjoying his name being spread
among that latined community?

or did he merely write the humanist dream,
available only in the context
of the humanist shortfalls
of the early sixteenth century,
and of today?
stork daddy how can it be nowhere and everywhere at once? i suppose some people don't want to hear it...why do you always say it? pretend you can sustain what is just a glimmer in your eye, a promise you won't follow through on...but can imagine. it's not enough to be fucked, you have to go and know you're fucked. 050914
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