imissyou Im sorry that im alive,
Im sorry that im here
Im sorry that you knew me
Im sorry I didnt dissapear
On the day we met and we started going out
Was it to much to be alive, With me here and to live without?
I know what I did to you
Did I hurt you that bad?
Im sorry if I did
I didnt mean it either
Im sorry that I fallowed you..
I fallowed you to that spot
The spot you jumped and died
All becuase of me...
Oh no here come the tears,
I miss you to much,
I wanted to tell you this just before you jumped,
I wanted to tell you I still loved you,
I wanted to kiss you bad,
I wanted to hold you in my arms and make you very glad,
I swear it wasn't my fault the day you heard the news,
All becuase of the girl 4th class who started the rumor about me and you.
It was all a lie and remember I will always love you
unpublished lyric machine you like to spread them
pollute the air
badmouth your friends
at least they know you love them
why else would you try so hard
to turn them against one another?
princess anna druged sasha before she took all of his credit cards to nuriella and racked up $5000 on clothes and shoes. I'm sure michelle went too. she is such a little thief. remember when she fucked geraldo just to get back at me for being with mario? well i know she stole his cartier watch because later that day brandon found it in the bad after they had sex. brandon returned it to geraldo and then geraldo apologized to me for questioning me about it. then to top everything off, jarod asked anna to go out to dinner with him and then when she went nathan came over and had the locks changed. she should have known better than to have trusted jarod....or nathan for that matter. or maybe she just should have paid the rent. she's living with brian now and pays her rent with sexual favors. poor anna. 020609
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY yeah
~gez~ god exists.. 021013
nuriella nuriella 030401
niska i can't believe some fuckers are still asking me about this - it makes me wonder what YOU'RE sayin', and i thought we agreed to foregt it happened.

well, well...
minnesota_chris share with us niska... what's the rumor? You don't have to get into details... 030402
niska it's dumb.

it's not even a rumor - just an ongoing speculation of things taking place that aren't. someone is voicing their hopes; it's creating suspicion and it's getting back to me in the form of a 'this is what i heard, so... what's the scoop here?'
there's no scoop. i've offered no leads on this subject and never will.

i know it goes around the campfire - the person who told me these things definately didn't hear it from the horse's mouth. in fact, i know this horse would rather kick this rat in the head than share his thoughts with him.
sometimes i think, 'gee, it's really unfair to this person that i'm hearing these things this way', but at the same time, they should keep their secrets then...

everyone is interested in things they have no business in. i don't think it's my business either, but they feel compelled to tell me i 'should' be giving them more to talk about. i guess i'm involved in something i had no idea i was involved in. make sense?
minnesota_chris niska's got a boy-friend, niska's got a boy-friend... 030402
niska :P
shoccolo ooh, ooh!
i heard a rumor...

they say you've got a broken heart!

TheRedDragon Nope.
Rumors sometimes accidently leak out unconscious information that is if anyone who hears the rumor knows any possible facts. Their words in some manner will betray the facade.
How did this spoon_man somehow become involved in the rumor anyway? It's really another lame game duck, fuck, you suck.
You know.
Yeah, yeah, yeah you know I heard C. Cornell and S.Weiland were having a secret hot steamy love affair behind their supposed current girlfriend's backs. We shouldn't talk about that, this isn't some Hollywood holy roller fanzine.
Did you know R.Halford thinks he's god?
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