j_blue insanely inhumane and unacceptable

should a fraction of the population be denied an adequate livelihood?

in fact this denial is mandated
cube Did i read that right? Poverty is mandated? By whom?
j_blue the only way someone can be wealthy, someone else must be poor

in a system where our goal is to become wealthy, there will be those who achieve it, thus there will be those who are poor

yes, our perception of poverty will always be a relative one, and it could be argued that the trickle down effect (or whatever its called) would raise the standard of living of even the most impoverished; various attributes of the social nitch occupied by the poor will remain constant

again, in a society that contains wealthy individuals, there must always be poor individuals, always

why would we choose to allow individuals to be poor?

perhaps this is required, to motivate individuals away from slothfulness; but then poverty would not be an inherited condition

in america, it is quickly becoming one again; and it has been one in various versions of capitalism

these are my own personal theories, based on what i have seen, so dont give me much credence

i just think the world would be a better place if there werent so many hard asses
hy maybe that's what's doing it.
staring it in the face,
knowing it will still be a while,
can really sap your will.

normally i just skirt the edges
but god damn does ramen turn your stomach after not too long.

at least my elbow is intact,
my precious vitae unmolested.
i just have the honor of
submitting my will 8 hours a day
to "support" myself.
mon i've never been poor 040226
misstree it's an interesting brand of desperation. it smacks me around in its own special way. 040227
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