phil She was a woman I worked with at a hospital. She had wild fire eyes and had a great body, but percieved herself as an outcast from the rest of us. But I had compassion for her and understood why she disliked a lot of their antics and would rather just work. She was a very hard worker and got richly rewarded with a lot of positive recognition. When I sat with her for lunch, we sat alone and the others seemed offended by our behavior. Norma had a distant look in her eyes at times, like she was lost in memory. I asked her one time what she was thinking about. There was no definite answer but she had recently left her husband in Texas to live here in Omaha with her sister's family. She told me why. Norma is originally from Guatemala, her husband spoke fluent Spanish, and she would leave to visit her family in Guatemala and when she returned she would hear stories. He had friends she didn't like coming over and they had parties with other women. She ordered him to leave his friends. Norma has had a lot of difficulty with relationships, but she can recall a boyfriend in Guatemala she met on the streets nasmed Eugene. Her stories reminded me of the actor Diego Luna. He had a group of friends and she was bashful at first but would eventually go out with him and his friends, to movies and drinking and stay with him in his bedroom. I try to get along with everyone and I wanted Norma to have a good time at work, so I would help her get along with everyone whenever I could. She liked that, she also liked how helpful I was with her work, and last Christmas she gave me a very nice note, all silver, with the image of a snowman surrounded by snowflakes on the cover. Inside it said Merry Christmas, I love you, - Norma. Our first date was King Kong, I gave her rides home from work so she wouldn't have to leave so late, we even looked for a place to live together. I bought her a beautiful diamond ring. She has lots of migraines and is addicted to Tobasco, which a doctor warned her against after a visit to the hospital and some minor surgery. She also puts tons of surgar in her coffee, enough so several spoonfuls are left at the bottom of the cup. It is difficult to have a relationship with her because her sister wouldn't let me stay in the house. It took a lot of warming up and it was a cold winter before we could hang out together and watch movies together on the sofa. I helped give rides to her nephews when it was convenient. She is often reluctant to discuss her problems. She misses her father terribly who died several years back from cancer, and often reminisces over him. She has since moved back to her family in Guatemala. And I miss her terribly and hope to see her again one day. She still owes me for those car rides. 061225
nom i hope she comes back... 070117
phil collapse 070223
Phil I saw Norma today.
We had talked on the phone several times and I visited her after work.
She said two people in her family had died since I last saw her.
I felt sorry for her and gave her a sticker of a puppy dog. It's cool.
I was excited to see her but she didn't seem at first at all happy I was there.
After a while though I could tell she was real happy to see me and I gave her a hug before she left with her friends.
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