melissah the h is silent but not meaningless. 020801
silentbob Yes, it stands for HELLA HOT THANG 020802
melissah heeheehee. 020808
squint dear, do you ever have anything to say? No, i mean REALLY.

write something worthwhile,

(i tried to hold back, i really did, but honey you need to stop and put something pretty on here instead of shit like "you taste like oreos")

I mean. what are you trying to do? is this honestly your form of self expression?

i sure as fuck hope not...
melissah um fuck you. hahahah. actually, i will write whatever i want.

and is writing criticising posts to other people your form of self expression?

I sure as fuck hope not.

and what can i say about the oreos thing...i get bored and tired sometimes.LOL, you must think you are god and perfect or something.
!!! do not get defensive just because it is obvious to everyone else that you seem to need to tag every blathe that comes your way. :-] 020810
squint thats cute melissah,

if you'll check out my blathes (yummychuckle/pushpins/squint) you'll see I have a much more valid form of self expression than you do. I don't REAAAALLY want to sound like a bitch, but what the need it.

I'm only trying to save you from the pits of a very shallow hell of vapid nothingness in your writing. If you want to talk about sex in such a dull blunt way, just go into a chatroom or have cyber sex or something equally as pathetic.

I'm just supporting the creation of beautiful things on this site.


:-) But have a nice day, and think a bit harder when you *try* to have some snappy retort this time, please...for the sake of your own character.

happy blathering!
melissah you dont know anything about me or the writing i do besides this site. I think you are looking too far into a simple website. I think you need to stop thinking so highly of yourself and chill out a little.

Who are you to judge "valid" self expression? Just because you dont like what i have to say or how i say it doesnt mean im going to stop, and i really dont think its fair of you at all to jump on me for it.

I was sitting here wide eyed reading your message. Perhaps im naive but i just didnt think someone could be capable of such rudeness. I apologize about the oreo thing, but thats it. Just because i dont write about dust bunnies under my bed or what not doesnt mean im any less a writer than you are.

Someone obviosly needs to teach you how to respect other people's work, how to critique writing properly, and how self expression is a free form of art, that it has no guide lines and is different for each person.

Who said i was writing about sex? Seriously, tell me which blathe.
such beautiful things hey squinty...if you want to do some pouncing, why not take a trek through some of your own posts? we've all been forced to wade through your "valid" stabs at self-obsessed drivel on a consistent basis. you're no better than any of your own hypocritical nay-sayers for blasting a blatherskite simply because you aren't moved by what they have to say. how sad. 020810
jane i said it already but i like your post on ''sugar'' 021204
die die die stupid fucking bitch 021205
not melissah die_die_my_darling? or.............. 021205
shitface or shut the fuck up you stupid ass bitch 021205
werewolf well at least the purp's aptly named. but melissah dont worry...everything's going just like it should. and boom! here comes your voice from depths you didn't know it climbed from. 021205
squint she's not so bad...

she's got perdy shoe things.
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