zavyman Suppose that time had just gone by
Since I did never want to try
Would ever I might chance to see
Your love, or more, thy beauty be?

Cannot, I say, just cast aside
This chance, nor would I let it slide
I must take action, must obey
My heart that longs for you today

You lead me on only to take
Away the words you seem to fake
But when I do look in your eyes
A certain thing I realize

You act like me, I act like you
Confused, and just between us two
We just know not the words to say
To make it right, our fears allay.
zavyman Your actions may confuse the way I think
But as it stands this is the way I feel
The way I love, for want of better word
Is strange, no less, confuses you as well

The secret that I share is mine alone
Now only you and I can know for sure
And yet deny we do, delude ourselves
Till once again it hits us unawares

Thus known to us what can and should we do
It seems to me the same we've always done
This is the way, for sure, that I know best
And if it be, well then, who can object

I still am plagued by demons of unrest
For what if what I see is not for real
So thus these feelings I must hide from you
Only to give to you just drop by drop

It pains me when I see the way I am
Unable to express my inner self
So much for me, it must be worse for you
To know that all I do hides how I feel

Just know that I, a novice to this game
Must learn the rules designed to keep me out
I wish you these conventions overlook
To make you happy, yes, that's all I want.
zavyman What could I say
If I had simply ignored this
Or in actuality
Not acted upon it
What would I feel
If I knew
That I could have
Made us both happy
What would have happened
Between us
Had we known
Exactly how we felt

It makes me rethink
My actions and words
When I am with you
In body or mind
It shows me the way
Not often traveled
That I must choose
So we might just be close
It makes me feel bad
When I see you
Not realizing what it is
That I see in you

I wish I could tell you
Just how I feel
So that armed with the knowledge
You could show me the way
I wish you could see me
The way I see you
When we are alone
Our minds in connection
I wish this could end
This confusion of sorts
Never knowing the truth
Sought desperately by us

Yet somehow I wonder
Is this not for the better
The game that we play
Shows our love
More than words ever could
Yet it seems that this game
May have some side effect
That causes me to feel
Emotions not real

So this more than all else
Makes me keep to myself
Since how could I tell you
The false ways I feel
They would be meaningless
And what's more they could hurt
And causing you pain
Would pain me just the same

Alas in these moments
When I get sentimental
Emotions crystalize
Events seem more clear
I want you to know this
Just once just this time
These emotions I feel for you
Come from deep in my heart
zavyman Alone I grasp the unknown world
Hoping to feign a glimpse
And everytime success receive
Again I am submerged

It is so hard to get to you
My voice just seems to fade
Confused I lack vision to see
The way you truly feel

Emotions get mixed up within
Shadows I seize for real
Humbly I try to let them through
Cryptic they turn to be

Cannot conceed will not give in
Returning to the game
Here I am shall ever be
Myself forever true
unhinged ma-ri-a

aug-ment-ed fourth
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