ethereal Love not the flawless skin that shines in the sun
Instead love her laughs that bring so much fun
Love not the thin body that moves so delicately
Instead love the ease she brings to make you feel free
Love not the glistening hair that flows softly in the air
Instead love the woman who takes so much time to care
Love not the outer image that only eyes can see
Instead love the person inside and love me for me
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mysterious hmm that sounds really familiar....its a beautiful poem 040708
NJ(im not usually thisopenly emo) Please...I'd appreciate it...really. 050502
. are you entirely sure I don't love you? 050502
seuadr love me for who i am, not what idea i represent to you. 060916
not found If only somebody would love (me) with the passion, expression, and profoundness that people like (Moirai, unhinged, mahayana, so many others...) at blather write about. Then I might have my own love givings matched in return.

Often I've wished that people could walk around with little LED signs that hover faintly above one's heart. Automatically displaying what that person needs, the most, at that particular moment.

Sadly I feel as if many of us would manifest, "Love Me".
unhinged funny; i don't feel profound. just immensely lonely, empty.

(thanks though)

even if we could display our feelings plainly, would people take the time to help each other?

i fester in my own stupidity.
does it ease the pain? unhinged, you may be lonely, but you're not along. As DOAR once told me; strangers abide.

(say that you love me)
poet and don't_ever_ever_ever_stop 100903
I stand upon your thrown with my fair arms open
From you, not a single word was spoken
Your green eyes stare to the above world pail and broken
My prince! My prince!' I shouted
Yet you appear just as silent and grounded
Suddenly a growling wind sounded
Howling death oh my prince will not be shrouded..
I have this gift of this life giving fluid
Drink this gift, it's power is undisputed
Your fangs grew sharp and skin so cold
Your beauty so bold, never again to grow old.
Your Eye's of fire stare at me
Join me eternally in this eternal ecstasy.
. If you have nothing better to do with your time than to turn this place into your own little game (and it's a pretty boring, uninspired game) while defiling things others have written that actually mean something to them instead of at least having enough decency to keep your tests and nonsense in one place like others before you did, you might want to learn the difference between a throne, which is something a king or queen sits on, and "thrown", which is the act of throwing something. You might also look into where it is and isn't appropriate to use apostrophes. "My eyes" is good. "My eye's" is not, unless you go on to say, "My eye's been twitching an awful lot lately." See the difference? You don't attribute possession to something that has nothing to possess. Just a little friendly advice. 141212
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