unhinged sometimes it would just be so easy. i've seen it lately. placed in quiet eyes with twitching fingers, itchy skin, maybe later. i've been holding your razorblades flat in my eyes. your games, your infinite ego, i feel your lips on my skin and i can't scrub you out. you're holding my hand like you belong there. you have been gone awhile my dear. love has left these premises. one day i got bored and carved you out of me. but i will still swallow you, against all reason, my heart overtakes everything; every other instinct dies when you are in front of me. my conscience has been left in another state and i would whisk you away. *stop* sometimes it would just be so easy. i see the white room where i will die. it haunts me everyday of my life. i have left you for the last time. slowly time wears a mountain to gravel. 020831
sabbie oh unhinged... thats beautiful

thank you for signposting it
unhinged the sad part is sayra-sab that four months later, i still love her so much it hurts, even though i am more dead and angry than i was even then. 030102
lux my little deaths grow every time i see you. 090810
In_Bloom I'm getting a passport 090811
unhinged i lost count 090811
unhinged pieces of me are dead i never wanted to know 120525
Lois Duncan "death with you is hardly more/than the little deaths before" 120527
REAListic optimIST Ecstatic pleasure, a little death;
Time matures as we draw breath.
To learn the info, take the test
Our striving labor demands a rest.
birdmad she fixes me with that intent look and grabs my wrist, guiding my hand from her breast and up to her throat...

i follow her lead, slowly closing my grip - modulating my attention between her increased arousal, the feel of her pulse quickening against both my hand and my lips, her hands in my hair and the rhythm with which she squeezes my other hand between her thighs

i am careful to relax my grip every few seconds as i suspect she enjoys the feeling of restraint, of being enclosed within my grasp above that of asphyxia, her thighs clenching in such a way as to compress my fingers into a singular cluster, gasping and smiling as they slide into her

she pulls me up by my hair, playfully biting my lip as we kiss...

she arches upward as all the sensations converge

spent, smiling, she throws her arms wide across the bed...

as we share a cigarette, one of the cats artlessly turns the moment to comedy by perching on my shoulder and meowing insistently at her for acknowledgement
birdmad becase heaven forbid the universe should cease to revolve around kitteh for more than a few minutes 120604
unhinged your eyes narrowed
your arms flung across the back of the couch
your legs sprawled
your eyes narrowed

'what i dont like about you is...'

you visibly bit your lower lip
your left foot flopped open
your eyes narrowed

(you knew your words were a weapon
well aimed)

my ears heard what you said next
my memory chooses to focus_on

unhinged slowly
time wears a mountain to gravel
unhinged a mountain had died, its skeleton had been scattered over the ground. time had aged the mountain; time had killed the mountain - and here lay the mountain's bones.

vasily grossman

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