nevermind is hip dead? no, there are still those brave few who dare to be inventive, only now their ideas are sucked up so quickly by the media that before the tattoo ink is dry, their hipness has already saturated the suburbs. 980831
parsley part of the leg 990328
leslie to shoot from = to aim without looking and be dead on target (?) 990530
Brad A word my fellow jazz musicians and I use to describe something we like. 000310
whirligirl way too cool, in my book. 000716
Tank hers was dodgy, she couldn't walk very well anymore. must of really annoyed her to be bound by sticks. what a frustrating existence to watch your vessel slowly disintergrate until nothing is left but your love... 000716
roots manuva hiphop you're the love of my life 010215
in pain mine hurts like hell..
i can crack it once in ahwile
i went to the doctors about it
cause sometimes it feels like a
knife is stabbing me. the doc
gave me pain killers...it made it
worse. Damn doctor
eklektic my friend steve doesnt use words like "cool" or "awesome". he says HIP. once, a girl he liked got online and say "good evening" to him, instead of hi or hey. he said "wow. how hip is that?". i didn't know what to say - it wasn't hip to me: it was 12:00 in the morning. 020330
"Ancient Pagan" 'Hip' too often denegrates into gestapo-like mediocrity reviews. In High School I made a point of being unhip: listening to classical music, reading, inquiring (in short, showing I had a brain and was not a baboon). The result: half the school considered me 'cool' and the other half 'wierd'. The message: be yourself even to the point of utterly transgressing meaningless norms!

NEVER go along with a crowd and torture people just for being different: that is how nation's fall and how columbine massacres occur.
Kate I hope someday I have the opportunity to say good evening to you again, whether online or in person, breaking our weeks of silence. Maybe you'd think I was hip again. Most likely you would just stare back and then walk off into a mist somewhere and I wouldn't see you until next pep band/football game if you ever came home. 020508
User24 hmm, you see, fashion is really confused.

well, why else would it have to keep re-inventing itself?

ok, there's another explanation that I'd love to believe..

that everyone hates it so much they keep trying to escape it's grasp, and so fashion keeps changing to keep up..

but I don't think so.

I think fashion, new social movements, etc, exist becuase of the modern emphasis on (wo)manhood and childhood;

teenagers start to realise changes, physically, of course, but also mentally, and they feel an innate need to express that they are no longer a child - they think that they have progressed to manhood, and they do this through ever changing fashions - why changing? becuase it's so different, and expresses the difference in psyche.

that's my theory, anyway.
Glory Box sometimes i think i am so, so hip.

other times, not so much.

it's a vibe, the hipness. an energy. it radiates. ride the wave!
what's it to you?
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