jennifer busy with the fantasticks and our el gallo is loved by everyone. he's funny and cute and sweet as hell and so mark in ten years.

and his boyfriend's name is greg, too.
MollyGoLightly Greg is such an easygoing guy. 000401
lisa_is_bionic Greg, he write letters and burns his CDs 000526
Barrett (Latin for horse's ass) 000614
moonshine Greg.. drinks too much and babbles to me asks why i dont call him.. he drove me to tom petty and professed his infatuation. He says Jesus loves me while driving his family wagon rubbing his leg. Hes tall and tubby with a red afro. and plays in a band called angry red planet. Greg scares me. 000614
Splinken Ack! He scares me too... 000614
JizNOLA Greg has the gentlest blue-green eyes
He is my knight
Greg touches my shoulder and I am paralyzed
He is my best friend, but that will never be enough
Greg doesn't realize that Greg is good enough
He is better than the stories he makes up for strangers
Greg is so wierd
That is why I am in love with him

I'll regret having written this in a month
nocturnal I miss him. evidence of how religion, god, whatever, tears people apart rather than brings them together as it claims to do. 011111
lovers lament so awkward. if you'd been thinking on it so long you should've had a better way of breaking the news. but, hey, at least you got one last fuck out of it, right?

fuck you.
Aaron my middle name.. or gregory to be exact.. and at one time greg was my first name.. 011111
imissu where r u 020521
wounded i'm here lellow...

...i know it's not really you, but right now i just need to pretend that it is...

i miss you too bb
celestias shadow greg is-

a beautiful, funny boy who reminds me so much of my friend. if he wasn't going out with laurel, i would be madly in love with him. thank god for laurel.

one of the coolest older people i know. met him at con. turned me on to the song kashmir. which really, i'd been meaning to listen to. i swear. in any case, he related to us kids so well, and didn't care if we swore all the time, or made stupid jokes, or talked about fucking. he talked about those things with us, and treated us like equals. he rocks.

a truly funny gay black guy. he gets a a bit out of control sometimes, but really he's very sweet. he's going to be the next j. lo. just you watch.

a boy with hair like chris carraba. he looks like ed norton. he likes to say 'rad to the max.' he's in a play in november, and i think he's a sweet guy too.

a tall guy with black hair. he's enthusiatic and looks like somers. i might like him if i were 2 or 2 years older. he reminds me more than a bit of ben from camp.

so many gregs, so little time....
MollyCule I will wait for him forever or until he makes it clear to me that I am truly truly unwanted, and even then I'll wait a little longer. 030930
nocturnal made me fall out of love with him tonight...finally! I've been pining for him since freshman year, and tonight he was such an ass that I can truly say I would not even want to be his friend. I've waited for this since I realised I'd never be his friend. tonight, for the first time, I'm glad I'm not his friend, his girl friend, or anything else. relief I cannot even describe. 031108
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