jennifer okay... so debi tells me she has a greg story to tell me, and I ask her to
tell me and she says no, not right now... later on into the night, we are
doing the show and we write notes back and forth to each other because we
can't talk cuz we're in the booth, so I hand her this sheet of paper and a
pencil and I tell her to write it to me so she does... this is as follows:

So okay, here goes. Last night was a Jerry/Gary/Greg night, which is why
they jetted. But Jerry wanted to know what the fuck was wrong w/ me, so he
made me stop by for like 15 mins so we could talk. Gary, Jerry & I were in
the living room and Greg was in the bathroom. He was covered in make-up and
since they were all gonna have sex, Greg was taking a shower. I don't know
if you remember, but their shower curtain is cyrstal clear. AND, Mr.
Montgomery had left the bathroom door wide open. Jerry suggested that I
take a peek, so I did. Twice. :). but it gets better: after I did, it was
suggested that I just go into the bathroom & just watch. So I decided that
I would go strike up a conversation w/ Greg. When I went in there, he was
standing sort of sideways and sudsing up his beautiful chest. So I march in
there & go "um Greg?" He looks at me, a hug grin spread over his face, and
he turned to face me directly. So there's Greg, dripping wet, soapy chest,
buck-ass naked, smiling at me from behind a transparent shower curtain and
he responds, "Yes?" So I say, "I just wanted to point out that they have a
clear shower curtain and you left the bathroom door open." He smiled and
was like, "Yes, I realize that. Thanks for pointing it out, though." (Still
smiling) So I say "No problem. Well, I'l let you get back to your shower."
So he was like "Okay, well thanks again." I could hear Gary and Jerry
laughing in the livingroom. After he got out, I was leaving, so he gave me
a huge hug and asked if I enjoyed it. I said "Oh, yeah." He said "Good,
and I'm really glad you came in there." I was like "me too" Then I left.
Oh, by the way, Jerry took a shower before Greg, and while he was in there,
me & Greg were on the loveseat and Greg was either rubbing my back or had
his hand resting firmly on the small of my back. Mmmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Yummy!
So, anyway, in conclusion -- I saw Greg buck-naked, dripping wet, w/ a
sudsy chest, directly facing me about 2 1/2 feet away w/ a big grin on his

and my only response to all that was
"why the HELL were you looking at his FACE?"
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