typhoid cold, frozen, noselipstoes blue, mittens lost clothes wet.
sniffiling runny nose, knows.
your bluegrey eyes match the bluegrey sky so clear. smile,
and let it freeze that way.
marjorie blood congeals
and changes state in my veins
from my head to my toes
if i move
i will break
cold and numb
with cool air vibrating around me
i could stay like this forever
warmth is not always conducive to a good outcome, is it...
startfires it's getting colder
it's getting too much
something is moving inside
the end of life in america (mary) a simple word. are you there in the cold country. your eyes so full, your head so tight. can you hear me?
remember our talk? that day on the phone, said i was the door and you were the station. with shattered glass and miles between us, we still flew away in the conversation.
my cup is full and i feel okay. the world is dull, but not today. she thinks she's a goddess, says she talks to the spirits. i wonder if she can talk to herself, if she can barely hear it.
This is a pretty subjective issue bright glass on a chain being wound around us 011103
sapphire_ what we keep inside that we're too scared to feel. or think about. it's a good thing sometimes, it keeps you safe. 011130
Aimee I'm angry with him...
I've barely had the chance to talk to him.
He calls and leaves within 5 mins.
"you okay?" "i'm FINE" "okay, talk to you later."

christ that hurts.
ShnizelCheese Being abrupt can be Lank Cold...

I hate it when people are so short with me, little two word answers just to avoid talking.

if your in a bad mood just say so i wont be upset and i wont bug you either...
bite_me after feeling the pain inside for so long
it faded
now i can't feel anything
even when i'm with you
everything seems to be rushing past me,
too fast to even see
i'm stuck here,
feeling only whispering shadows of raw emotions
so cold
no feeling inside
no tears to cry
no laughter
no pain
no love
if i thaw,
all i will feel
is that terrible inner hate
the ceaseless screaming and eternal pleading
i am frozen.
ethereal see lyrics. 040314
x twisted x if you freeze a person alive and then defrost them...would they still be the same person?

frozen. sometimes i think im frozen..but then something happens and i realize that if im feeling something i cant be completely frozen. pain and happiness give me hope.
u24 my lighter broke so i put it in a glass full of ice and froze it.

actually, i didn't freeze it. it would have looked good frozen, though.
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