klarchen And this is how it is.
To be sitting in this room.
With four walls, a piano,
And a glass of water.

And this is what it is like.
To be rehearsing what I want to say to you.
Over and over again, this fading song.
If you could hear its truth, you would know.

And this is what I know.
I know that the sound will live in that echoing place inside of me until I see you again.
When our eyes focus, that song will tell the truth as it bursts forth.

And the silence will be broken.

And this desolatness will break.
kk it is ok now. 000623
moonshine I want to run around the desert like a naked banshee 000624
harbinger desolate = my mind without the thoughts of you
megabyte is I, because I have nothing. I HATE BEING SKINNIER THAN A GIRL AND TALLER THAN EVERYONE. 030220
stardust Desolate is someone who refuses to go out into the world and find what they need to bring them out of desolation. 030222
  or someone who goes out and seeks but never finds.

someone who reaches out but whose grasp is never met or is recoiled from

someone who never manages to break through that glass ceiling of being seen as expendable or insignificant
K.T. Donovan desolate is when
the ones who gave you life
tell you to your face
that you were never wanted
and nothing you can say or do
could ever change the way they feel

its when you realize
that the excuses you made for them
(they didn't know, they were naive)
aren't true at all
they never were
and the reason you got hurt
is simply that they
didn't care enough
to protect you

and desolation is when
you truly know what love is
because you've seen what it is not
and you finally understand
that your concept of love
and family and warmth
isn't warped at all
it's your family that is

desolate is when
the roots of your life
are ripped from your chest
leaving a hole
that you must fill
with screaming naked truth
that forces you to realize
that you have nothing
and can change nothing
and no one

and it is then
and only then
that you discover
that desolate really means
that your life has come
back to the beginning of all things

you are naught
but prepared soil
richly fertilized
with ashes, tears, and shit
churned and sifted
put to the heat and purified
shaped, smoothed and waiting
at long last
for YOU
to plant your own seed.
oldephebe ineffably equisite song of harrow
..broke my heart to read this
oldephebe yeah..and as i read this again..i'm seared, impaled upon every striated syllable, such naked and arresting desolation..dark wonder..i cannot escape its throe..unbelievable

KT - you got skills brah
sigma Cold, lonely, wiped away, empty. Dark, winds sweeping over a desert made of hard ground and rocks and stormy skies. That's the sort of image this word conjures up. Is it an emotion? It can extreme grief so consuming that the signs are mild. Calm, lack of smiles, staring, but no tears or wailing.

It used to be that little things would fly me into a rage, and without knowing me, I am often told to grow up. I am young, I suppose, but in some ways often old- and I'm sitting on a razorblade, sliding as I tilt, wondering if I will be better than what I was or fall back into a wasteland of emotion and broken dreams.
unhinged what if this lonely life is all i'll ever have? 100628
what's it to you?
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