karl the weed metal is driven by anger, fury, angst, frustration, despair, passion, depression, and sorrow. i relate to those emotions.

on the other hand, rap and hip hop is driven by money, guns, girls, gangs, and violence.
and boy bands are just obnoxious.
nomatter because it's the cool thing to do. 030930
grendel listening to Judas Priest and AC/DC just n wow, i like you karl but that was woefully uninformed

I like early seventies metal and some of the darker stuff from the eighties, but think that the glam-metal from the 80's and early 90's was some of the most intensely lame crap ever vomited forth from the music industry and i'm a little bored by most of the so-called nu-metal acts out there now (don't even get me started on papa roach and disturbed and godsmack) and god knows any of the bands i've seen that play any of the club circuit here in the west (AZ, California, ets) haven't managed, except on VERY rare occasions, to impress me, too many acts lately trying to be the next Puddle of Adema-Staind Korn Bizkits

Violence? (Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, King Diamond, Morbid Angel, pretty much the whole Black Metal/Death Metal Scene)

Money (Every cheesy, self involved glam-band from the 80s', need i cite Warrant's glam-era stinkbomb "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" as the most obvious example)

but based on your assesment of hip-hop it seems to me you've obviously never listened to some of the classic old-school hip hop

if you want stuff that's constructively angry, find, buy or download a copy of Grandmaster Melle Mel's 1982 track "The_Message" or pretty much everything from Public_Enemy or Boogie Down Productions

Just because the hip-hop you see on MTV is all money-centric crap, don't assume it's all in that boat.

Like anything else, the best stuff you can hear in any genre anymore isn't likely to be on MTV or mainstream radio

for more good examples of stuff that's a little more than just what you've been exposed to so far look around. A lot of the best stuff (in my mind) is going to date itself to the late 80's and early 90's but that's just me...

Try De La Soul,
try Erik B and Rakim or EPMD
and even though it's along the vein you don't care for, a few good tracks to listen to are Slick Rick's "Children's_Story" , NWA "Express Yourself" and Ice-T "Six in the Morning" and Cypress Hill's How_I_Could_Just_Kill_a_Man

For goofy, fun tracks, try Busta Rhyme's first two or three albums, Digital Underground "The Humpty Dance" / "DoWhutYaLike" / "Return of the Crazy One"

Meanwhile, Metallica should realize that if they had actually put out anything genuinely worth buying in the last 12 years people wouldn't have opted to bootled the old stuff off the internet
phil because of the way Matt says
karl the weed i actually do like some rap and hip hop, but im referring to new music. there are a lot of bands out there that are really good, and a lot that are really bad, but i have respect for almost all of them (not cannibal corpse, theyre just disguisting- and bad). some of the better new metal bands are linkin_park, deftones, mudvayne, and taproot. also rage against the machine. those are some great bands. 031001
niska karl, i am as shocked as you are, but...

i totally agree with your initial blathe.
u24 actually, most metal is driven by a couple of losers who just happen to be able to play guitars and hit drums accurately. good for them. 040315
sameolme Smooth and Shiney 040315
ever dumbening because when you pour lots of dancing, angry electrons into it (or pull them out of it, dcep baby), it melts, and then you can stick lots of fun things to it, like, um, metal. 040315
ever dumbening ps
mr. mad, nice pull on the hip hop analysis. those _were_ the days, yo.
white_wave holding a bottle of peroxide because of the hair, and lots of it.

and because it's more durable than glass...
freedom because it's cold 040321
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