misstree woke up right at the time i was supposed to be arriving at work, i take the bus and i've always run late for everything, and they're nice and big and corporate at work so being late is Not a good thing, i stand and stretch an rub my eyes to get the juices flowing and one of my brand spankin' new trial contacts dislocates, i rub a little to see if it'll go back in, it falls to the floor, and the house_elves must have ninjas because it was Gone, i spent the next twenty minutes looking for it (ensuring that i would be over an hour late as i missed the next bus) and then when i called my boss i was in fucking tears because i just lost this shit and i'm late and this is the completely *wrong* way to start a mornng.

fuckit. i'm going to go drink coffee and calm down. sorry to spew. morning eye crust gets in your third eye too.
bird the wrong foot is that disembodied one (powered by house_elves) that sneaks up behind us some days and kicks us in the ass when we need it the least 031024
Lemon_Soda Ugh. Suck.

Yesterday I woke up half anhour past the time I was meant to be at work (430 am), forgot to set the coffee maker the night before, had the key for the rest of the crew to get in and stumbled down the stairs in a half awake craze to get to work.

Got there and NONE of the rest of my crew decided to show up and it was the day we do all the extra stuff instead of just general maintenance. I had two hours to do 7 and half hours of work. Not only that, I couldn't stay late to do it because we janitors must remain out of sight out of mind.

Le sigh.

Things got better though.

Oh, heres a virtual hug to carry you through, miss tree *huggles*
misstree thanky muchly soda, much needed. unexpected, too, didn't think anyone was about based on recent list. surprise hugs are the best.

the continuing saga involves me going to work and finding out that i've got all the miscellaneous crap claims that are pretty much impossible to work, and the coffee i chugged is doing cartwheels in my stomach and making my synapses go whee! in strange and not entirely pleasent ways. also, i'm finishing reading we the living by ayn_rand, most depressing book ever, and i'm right near the end and the most depressing part of this book happened when i got off the bus. i do get to go replace my contact, though, and all this stuff adds up to a distinct bad morning but no specific tragedy.

hope your day's going better, tho.

and bird(mad?), though i wasn't aware, it makes sense that house_elves keep wrong_feet hanging around to do their dirty work, and i imagine they occasionally need transportation to relocate items to faraway places (cars and other people's houses and such). durn those house elves. durn them straight to heck.
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