hsg ripple is language. attention to patterns.
chess with vibrations.
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crypto dancing singe your mind. rip all ways the peace is denser then you can imagine water's code.

a po &'s love,
it' s of un et i c trickster.

riddle ripple, twist of 8, play onwards too infantity, im mature silly nesstINg your brain. frequent seas new angles, can you patent creatIvItY? new dumb ensigns, can u navigate the waters?

divine in without a splash, spirit dare goes where logic fails. outsi(dEboX)IT all, present simultaneous paths, futures come full circle through antensional oops soul. sir clown sir cling rip hold away, the wayound...errr... stand this(un)tilness patient soul you shun. Cure gone a find it @h end of(t i'me)an come on, you really ink you can figure it out piece by piece? Their's only wone peace. Thishowone piece it fit's meant all be.
thy the_ripple_effect 110824
h|s|g why did you comment on this today? 110824
thy someone i know mentioned the_ripple_effect to me today, i had never specifically heard of it, oddly, and i thought it would make a good blathe, especially with the_ripple_effect seemingly in full effect around here. i looked up ripple, because i didnt nessisarly have an actual blathe for the_ripple_effect, and low and behold, you had already been here :) i enjoyed your blathe, i hope you doesnt bring any harm that i brought your work to the recent page 110824
thy i mean i dont think i had ever heard of the economic or sociological ripple effect, like the butterfly effect, i did know about the water thing though haha 110824
hhh||s||ggg It was actually a very cool occurrence. A person mentioned above (hub) years ago was visiting.
And then, out_of_the_blue
thy oh wow, cool! synchronicity in action.
the universe is a crazy place, were just livin_in_it.
or livin_it. one or the other :)
hub Cap? 150622
unhinged photographic_memory leads to blue web that leads to

unhinged the effect of practice on my life:

flowerock You helped me play_with_fire and the fire melted your hat to my head... years later you helped heal_my_heart and melted yourself into my whole_being.
Now, we are the flames spinning_inifinities
unhinged two men i had ambiguous relationships with at one point are soon to be married. that made me realize i have yet to meet someone worth marrying. 150626
flowerock It_takes_time and it is worth the time that it takes to find someone you feel as sure as one can feel is someone wonderful for you and you for them. Marriage is strange, it's trying to finalize and secure something that is uncertain no matter how strongly you believe or even know is true and strong enough to withstand time and life's challenges. It is, for me, something beautiful to do together. It feels good and takes tremendous trust in both of the hearts involved. I married someone once thinking it was right, but it was not, and so we divorced, but the whole relationship was toxic to begin with, we were drunk on hope and fooled by the promises society stuffed down our throats. This time, I am in no hurry, though I would marry my heartmate today, I don't mind waiting, even of it never happens and we just go through life together happily and with this love. I learned that marriage is just a little decoration next to the cake, not even the icing or the plate... you can still have a delicious and nourishing beatific cake without the little rose or glitter on the side.

But then by "worth_marrying" you might also mean worth spending the rest of your time in life with, someone truly wonderful for you... I hope we all find that, and if not that the love along the way is just as wonderful, even if it comes from various sources unexpectedly.
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