typhoid spattering against the window.
plink, plank, plink, plank..
tappa tap tap.
an airplane, winged phallus, appears through a hole in the clouds.
birdmad gathering force as they roll en_masse off the rooftop, gouging little craters like junkie trackmarks in the parched soil beneath the awning 000709
sabbie and her sister raindrops keep falling on my head, fred,
just when i thought that i was dead.
but now i know i'm not
i'll got and get shot
raindrops keep falling on my head, fred.

my sister and i never knew the real words.
nemo ...and they fell towards the helpless ground, beating the dried leaves and earthworms as if it contained some harsh painful reasoning... 011103
Sonya It is pouring rain outside here today. As I was walking to campus some raindrops fell onto my hair and trickled down my face. I can't imagine what feels more serene.

Some people think the rain is very gloomy but I love the rain. I like to think of it as nature's bath. The rain reminds me of the days in my childhood when nothing seemed to matter. I could dance in the rain for hours without a care in the world. I could run towards the rainbows even though I knew I'd never ever be directly under one.

It's starting to come down really hard outside. I can hear the loudness of the rain. When I see the raindrops falling from the sky I realize how blessed we really are to have water that feeds us and nature's other gifts. The sky is nature's canvas, and it seems that she's cleaning it in preparation for another painting. Raindrops are a good cleanser. I can't wait for what picture she will paint next.
Mahayana are burning within :INTROSPECTION:
all our worlds just stopped
[withinside the penumbra she seeks]
Trish You go outside
You feel the raindrops on your face
As you look up at the sky
And you wonder
Will the lightening hit me
And you fear it but
You feel the raindrops on your face
But me
Iím only that strong
I stay in the house
And I know that im safe
That I will never feel the pain again
And I look down at myself
And I wonder
What does it feel like
Cause I will never
Fell the raindrops on my face

I go outside
And I feel the sun shine
As I look up at the sky
I have no fear
But yet
I feel the raindrops on my face
And I wonder
Will these raindrops ever stop
And I know they wont
And this phases me
Cause its sunny but I fell raindrops on my face
But you
Cause u donít need to be that strong
You lie in bed asleep
And you know you are never safe
That it is how you must live
And you look into you mind
And you wonder
What does it feel like
Cause when its sunny you never
Feel the raindrops on your face
gerti rouge So every time you choke,
Remember how it felt to have
Your hands around my throat.
When the moon drips ether tonight;
We catch it like teary raindrops
On our tongues and down our throats.
Death of a Rose I'm with Sonya. There is nothing else that feels like something new is just around the corner, when that slightly cool raindrop kisses you, it's a perfect moment in time. 031009
twisted_existence counting out thorns
and wishing on raindrops
and hoping against hope
that time mends all wounds,
as the black laquor sky
thunders a whimper
and whispers me the secrets
of the far away moons.

Copyright 2004
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