TalviFatin Please? 011108
Inanna An artist is an instrument through which the universe reveals itself. 011108
Dafremen Read and I can't help but think that you will be. If you aren't, read again without preconception. If you still aren't intrigued, perhaps it isn't intrigue you seek, but entertainment, in which case I would suggest _ferchrissakes or quest_for_mazatlan_gold.

Pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place Ms. Fatin, and the more eyes that see them, the faster we can solve this mutherf*cker and get on with enjoying the show.


It's all backed by empirical science and allured to in most of the major religions and in fact has plenty of room to accomodate both god fearing and atheist folx. The closest that you can come to hell is a miserable existence. Even that won't last forever. Welcome to the perfect machine Talvifatin...hope you're intrigued.

That's what it's here for.
TalviFatin Thankyou. You intrigue me constantly, Daffy. But my plea was directed outward. Towards the world outside Perhaps in the direction of my mate, friends, and co-workers. I'v been feeling dissappointed in the world around me. I feel like my jester has died. I know its wrong to feel like I must be intrigued by whats surrounds me, but wouldnt that be the main point in life? Maybe I need a change of scenery. Its becoming dull, and I need some spice. Being spontaneous doesnt work in this town. Ask Aimee, she knows. But anyway...thankyou. 011108
Dafremen I'm leaving this place too. I know the feeling of which you speak. It has been screaming at me to leave this place for about a year now.

You ARE to be entertained by the universe around you. To appreciate it and be intrigued by it.

To that end you're in the audience, but you're also up on stage. The quality of your existence reflects in the quality of the show, like dominoes one positive sets off a chain reaction of positives as does one negative.

Eventually, the chain reaction comes back around our way and we react by adding either more positive or more negative to the mix. We don't see that it is WE who are pushing this wave of misery that smacks us in the face. We see only the immediate carrier of its momentum, the individual or situation which finally affects US. We sent the negative attitude out willy-nilly without thought to the consequences and here they are, smakcing us in the face with the added energy of all whose lives have been touched and who have reacted in kind.

The potential force of this wave is diminished only by those reactions of opposite type. Think of it as a web of reactions, either positive or negative. If the positive is received and reacted to with positive, this positive affect the 20 or so people that are touched by it in a day. If they are receptive and respond in kind, the positive continues to spread. Eventually the web must lead to the originator of that positive or negative. In other words, our own contributions to our surroundings, will come back to us, with interest. The odds are in favor of it. Negative begets negative more often than not and positive brings more positive, more often than not. One positive attitude DOES have the power over the long haul to create 20.
Dafremen Not intriguing enough for you?


Well, my boy bought some action figures with REAL snap-on metal armor. He got em for a quarter.

Dafremen I'm getting my haircut for half price today?

Jeezus lady...throw me a bone already.
Aimee Daffy, don't feel bad... she's hasn't been to blather in a really long time... she's engaged and she's working and she's moving out of her parents home, so she's kinda busy, but believe me, you to intrigue her. 020815
*gets off, brushes herself, hands you a bone and winks* Better? teehee ^.^
Dafremen Where was I when all of this happened?
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