-{::EphemeralArcs::}- tap.tap. the souless thick soled black dress up shoes carried me on towards another corner of my REM's imagination.
And in my dreams I was a tourist. Who bought nothing but an energy of the people, and vested it in a hole in the ground. Because age and secrecy are really the best keepers of anything. And the ground only makes it go there and back again.
My feet carried me on and my serenity for a few minutes was insured, because logic told me if that wasn't a good deed, then at least it was something to smile at.
Because I was a tourist in my own realm, and nothing there is sacred for long.
three words wardrobe in_my_dreams_i_was_the_tourist when_i_woke_up 050318
dandy In my dream I came up behind my coworker who was poking at the edge of the door frame adn swore she could see a crack in the wall and feel air blowing through, then bounced her foot up and down on the threshhold and said it was all spongy and rotten. She gave it a few more bounces and the door frame and door flipped down on top of her. Even tho the door opens outwards she was yelling she was trapped under it. She just had to reach for the knob. I sighed but woke up before I decided to help the flailing silly thing who was by that time rocking the whole frame on top of her amid settling plaster on the floor. 050318
unhinged make me something else
other than what i am
i'm swimming
looking for the best alternative
there's got to be a different way
close my eyes
and it's all passing by
a strange new land
with equally nauseating options
the partitions of my brain
of my subconscious
the ideal
make me something else
i'm looking for the retailer with answers
someone selling something worth buying
close my eyes
i've got so many clouds to fight
not a single damn one
with your silver lining
you say it could be worse
i don't see how
looking for something worth buying
i pass by
not a single damn one
giving me a reason to lay my head
a new place to rest
not a single damn reason
to pass out the hard earned currency
in my pocket
i close my eyes
and it's still the same
nothing different
no reason to change
in my dreams
i was the tourist
where every new location
looked hauntingly the same
not a single damn one
with your silver lining
nomme) taking photographs of places i'd never been 050717
witchesrequiem just observing my own life. 050718
dandy and there were these tunnels like spiralling playground tubes but running diagonally and horizontally from room to room and I couldn't get out of the crazy house room only to another skewed room and when I looked in the mirror I was an androgenous thin clown and my baggage was gone, sweat evaporated and the crowd of tour group I had entered with had dissipated and I was able to walk out onto a street I had never seen and felt the weight of each step and felt totally ok with who and what I was. 050719
unhinged (look what the rust_belt did to me)

thankfully i know how to enjoy the scenery more. in wisconsin, clouds are a blessing. they keep you warm in the winter, even as they may dump 12 inches of snow on your head in one floating.
tourist I've got to Wake Up Now!

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jane stuck in a country
with no food, no money,
no passport,

foreign languages,
what's it to you?
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