morphine. i know its corny
i know its stupid
but i really love you.
freakizh that's why i believe in the infinity and the eternity.

but i understand that if i lose you, i will know why i need you desperately.
jane every time i talk to blaise, he gives me more than one good reason why i should break it off. stuff about how there's no good reason to actually be in this relationship, that i'm only staying in it because i'm afraid of being alone, and that i'm bigger than that
of course, what he doesn't know is that i would give anything to be with him, i would break up with a thousand seans and more, i would move to new york which i probably will...and not in a stupid felicity type way
p2 "stupid felicity type way"

that's the shizit!
werewolf all reasons i've given. you're intent on living that life of an artist. i know fields of wildflowers i still haven't shown you. it could've been the painting you left behind. 021218
werewolf people on the other sides of phones, startled by voices which feel near and fragile, stretched across corners and rain pockets, snagged on the misunderstandings of words proclaiming two different worlds, hanging on to every common image and memory as if it was a rope pulling us out of our drowning past and burning now. people on the other sides of these phones. are they not afraid of lonliness? i think they are, and i should know. 021218
jane if someone didn't want something to end
why would he end it
duh Sometimes you can't control shit. 021228
x but i do 021228
werewolf maybe they wanted to see if it was capable of going on despite them. 021229
jane and what if it isn't? shall i just sit here while he controls destiny with his bare hands? shall i run to california and stake a claim on land out of fear that i may not find gold like the rest of them, but i'm willing to try? am i even willing to try anymore? i'm so tired of panning, in hope of a glimmer of light along with the common pebbles 021229
Piso Mojado i thought as it careened suddenly and hurled itself off the edge of a big cliff... 030204
devalis It was just me being stoopid.
Don't let it decide the rest.
niska i don't want it to end, but i leave anyway because i don't want to admit it, i guess...

yes, it's ridiculous, i know.

but when it does end, something else begins, and each beginning is always better that the previous ending. you know something new that you can take with you on your new journey, at least.
innocent insect unkeepable .... it always ends ... it always begins ... nothing changes ... 050713
Mailbox But it did.
You arent here anymore.
Seems now
Like you
Never were.
Divided. I don't ever want you to go away.

Don't. Slip. Away.
unhinged but it should
you expect me to be there

and staying silent
is making me sick
. . 110125
unhinged but it's over
like a piece of an iceberg
cleaving off

into the sea
unhinged .

what's it to you?
who go