PiRho the key to finding your inner child. type from the heart and all revelations will find their way to the screen. don't find the words intellectually but rather feel the words appear on the screen in random or pattern order making sense in only vague and indestinguished patterns designed for use in the mind as well as the spirit. two-dimentional space is notwithstanding to the truths of the heart. is all an illusion, is all, an illusion, is all an, illusion, is, all an illusion is, all an, illusion is all?
half eaten cornbread. visions of food plague the screen of my mind whereas food is needed but water is essential (for what? for life? for insane flights of intolerable disgust and fear? for horrible distaste and good found lust. the lustful plague of greed and selfish want for more than useful. when does the water clense and renew! does water still find its way to the center of the ear+h does the water sink deep into the subconcious or is all an illustion or shall I start that without eating the fear of the darkness consuming the light by the choice of the captian of the ship. is the storm a creation of the passengers or is the net cast on the wrong side of the boat.
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lalalander have you ever been bothered by how easy it is to delete what you wrote? i messed up this entry. i simply hit delete and poof, all is good again. i just did it without thinking about it. what does this mean? i am becoming dependent on erasers! erasers aren't here when we really need them though. when we cheated on our boyfriend or girlfriend, when we lied to our parents, when we had sex and got pregnant. no erasers. no delete button. delete is just as illusion to screw up your life. 010608
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