blather senior what is your senior quote? or, if you've graduated high school, what was your senior quote? i'm just curious 021218
p2 i had two:

"Of all the tyrants the world affords
Our own affections are the fiercest lords"
- Earl of Sterling

"O grant me, heaven, a middle state
Neither too humble, nor too great
More than enough for nature's ends
With something left to treat my friends"
- David Mallet
Freak "every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end" They took it from the song closing time. :-P 021218
sweetheart of the song tra bong "How astonishing it is that language can almost mean, and frightening that it does not quite" -- Jack Gilbert, from his poem The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart 021218
SuicidalAngel we didn't have "quotes" 021218
silentbob what the hell is the point of slapping on the word blather at the front of this blathe? 021218
radiohead fan freakizh mine was "today is the first day of the rest of your days.. so lighten up, squirt!", from "lift", the b-side from radiohead; although i wanted it to be "we hope that you choke" from "exit music (for a film)" of radiohead, too.
i suppose i was nostalgic at the moment.
jane d r e a m i s d e s t i n y 021225
jane i also thought about:

as the pattern becomes more intricate and subtle, being swept along is no longer enough
je5icafletcher some of my favorites include:
~has anyone seen my placenta?
~get that out of my bum.
~when i grow up i'm going to demolish this place...
~just think, it's our last night together before we all end up in jail
~at some point i liked some of you. have fun.
~i have too pee.
mcdougall I already graduated but here is a quote i came up with. i like it.

"Itís that which you don't have to do, that you do, that makes a difference"

angie "i wont let my focus change
taking out the demons in my range"
FireNRoses Our senior quote was one of those real famous ones...

Do not go where there is a path, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail...

and i used to know who said it, but it's very popular try google, i'm feelign lazy.
jane i can't believe christie got away with

no wonder they call it
high school
Bizzar "Its not who you are, its who you know. Others lives are the basis of your own. Burn your bridges, build them back with wealth. Judge not less ye be judged yourself." -Metallica

That was mine. I disliked most of the people in my school, so that was for them.
sixteen I haven't turned one in yet (i will be a senior this coming school year), but I'm thinking either:

"We have a world of pleasures to win and nothing to lose but boredom"
--raoul vaneigem

(a stranger sent me a beautiful home made postcard with nothing but the above quote and a return address on the back)

or else:

"In heaven all the interesting people are missing."
--Friedrich Nietzsche
Doar "Most likely to subside." 040727
Borealis I don't think I bothered to swing by the journalism room to pick up a form... 040727
unusual for me I don't recall anything like that either... huh 040727
TK how long do you have to be here for to be categorized as a "Blather senior" ? 040828
jane in retrospect i would have liked mine to be
often times it happens
we live our lives in chains
and we never even know we have the key

[from already_gone by eagles]
stukadukadush skoooooommphiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 081118
j (i take that back)

i wish it was
"sell your cleverness & buy bewilderment" (rumi)
meta meta 090508
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