Q Sheriff: If the guy comes back here, try to detain him.

Vic: Detain him?

Sheriff: Yeah.

Vic: How?

Sheriff: I don't know! Offer him a cup of coffee or something.

Vic: And then what?

Sheriff: Then, you know, call me! I'll come and arrest him, I guess!

Vic: And in the meantime this French sociopath stabs me and Mike to death!

Mike: Fuck that, man!

Sheriff: Oh, you want my job?

Vic: No, we don't want your job! We just want a little protection!

Sheriff: Protection!

Vic: Yeah!

Sheriff: Protection! Certainty! Assurance! Security!

Vic: (Lost) Well, yeah. That too, I guess.

Sheriff: (In a fit) You want confidence! A pledge! Safety! Guarantee! Promises! Expectation! Consideration! Sincerity! Selflessness! Intimacy. Attraction. Gentleness. Understanding. An understanding without words. Dependence without resentment. (Begins trailing off.) Affection... To belong... Possession... Loss.

Mike: Hey, Sheriff, everything OK at home?

Sheriff: (Weakly) Why do women exist?

Excerpt from the movie "Simple Men" by Hal Hartley

(see www.best.com/~drumz/Hartley/Quotes)
Q For another colloquy, between Ned and Bill (haha), from the same movie, see sully 000620
the smoke coloured melancholy bird hmmm, i preferred "Trust"

but for reasons i have stated earlier.
the sight of the Adrienne Shelly in that film strikes a little too close
whirligirl haven't seen "Trust" yet... saw "Surviving Desire" which was pretty good. "Simple Men" had a happier ending. hehe. i love irony. these movies are full of it. 000620
moonshine Why not? Why NOT! Because it makes me want to vomit thats why. 000819
j_blue because i black out, and wake up with a scrape on my knee

or with my pants down, in a strange living room, with flecks of dried vomit all over me, feeling violated

or in someone's room, in their bed, naked. there he is. who is he? what_should_i_do?
bethany haven't said it enough lately 020214
yummyC the best reasoning when you can't come up with anything else at the top of your head.

and most of the time I get this response, its hard to argue.
kx21 A M_Species of Man_talk / Woman_nag about Q_As... 030228
notme why can't i write
anything without losing
what i was talking about
my place in line
why can't i relate
to myself
i'm just hovering here
stranded in glass breaking
some other life some other life
i can't relate
i'm not a ragpicker
i'm not a pony
no home no gate
no swirling skirt and strawberries on sunday
i'm not the starting gun
not a green field with sleeves so blue and bonnie
i'm not a doctor in this face of armies
i'm notme i don't know nobody
notme because_why
once again Why me?

Wh not?
kx21 = AQ Spice + QQ Spark... 040428
Christine Found this place by chance
Isn't that how it always happens?
Didn't quite see the circles
at first yet recognized a form
of expression i could dig
Take me for what i am...
A work in progress
stork daddy and yet already sufficient in so many expanding and retracting ways. 050308
nom) why not not 051112
oren In Kentucky, 50% of_the people who get married for the first_time are teenagers. 060416
one wrecked angle why don't we just fall in love for an hour
for a day
a year
or ten
or forever

and not worry about where the edge of that number is?

because the fires are growing, raging out of control, and what else can we have?
stukadukadush skoooooommphiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 081118
three words why_not prefer falling_star_wishes 110706
what's it to you?
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