User24 yeah, ug.

do I go to university to do a degree, and spend 3 years out of work, or do I take a gamble on this job turning out ok?

If I go to university (which i'd never really considered before) I will:

get a degree,
move town (a good thing),
have less stress (trust me)

if I stay in this job, I will:

gain a lot of experience
have no qualifications to speak of

however, I may get to do a part time degree while still at work

however, this would mean 3 years without linds, as she's going off to uni next year

the third option is that I move with linds and get a job wherever that may be.

help me, someone?
girl_jane Hmm...If you really want to stay with Linds, and she's going to school wherever, perhaps you could look into going to that same school if they offer the program you're looking for.

If you're considering moving with her, I think the relationship would be strong enough to last through a long distance. It'd be hard; but if things are supposed to work out, they will.

I definately reccomend getting a degree though. The job you speak of, it may not work out. There is so much you can't do without a degree. The way I see it, a college degree is like a ticket to life.

Yes, I know college isn't for everyone. Trust me, I know and love a lot of people who just wouldn't do well in the university atmosphere, but they do just fine anyway.

If you would do well at school, go. It'll give you so many more options. Also, with school comes internships, and with internships come connections, and connections mean getting a nice job more easily.

Those are my thoughts.
User24 thankyou girl_jane.

I think going to university with Linds is the most likely at the moment. :)
niska one thing i've learned, is my degree has nothing to do with my profession...

that's not to say it works this way for everyone, but if posession is nine tenths of the law, then experience in any field, regardless of papers (which mean nothing - come on... where's that 'permanent record' now?) offers better odds.

if you have been lucky enough to find a love worth dying for, that love is worth living for. you are living today. no one can tell you about tomorrow, and yesterday is over. so follow the love, as it will lead you to true happiness.

if you get there and it doesn't work out, you can go to school later. you have your whole life to change it up. don't worry so much about how you'll prepare for the future, User24 - spend your time making the present the best time you could possibly imagine. the present is the only reality - everything else is hypothetical, and pointless to ponder.

stay with her - go with her. be happy.
User24 thankyou niska,
I agree that no-one can tell me about the future, I think I'll move with Linds.

there was something tugging me back to northampton, but I think it's just the rut I've been digging. anything I can make I can break, anything I can break can be re-made; nothing is final, I have plenty of time.
u24 hmm.. eh! ou!
what's it to you?
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