gwyllynne(just not herself anymore) tell me where have you gone?....my wonderfully....playfully.....powerfully spiral women....

please wander back to me
we will dance together
fire licking our flesh
wind teasing our hair...our necks...and our ears

outov I have returned to the spiralin
where the key is to have no lock
Oh spiral Woman you are curly like
a curl of a wave that will never break
nom beautiful outov 031110
pipedream *agrees with nom*

what fun to be spiral
tumble into the whirlwind
with me
celestias shadow spiral downwards with me
and get lost
pipedream forevaah!

*for-evaah! forev-ahh*
*echoes of cheesy 'forevaah' as pd and celestias giggle*
* * 031223
misstree a spiral sings in the corner
only one, i think,
but it is insistent on its return
and i am insistent that i am
occasionally a useless waste of flesh
with no transportation
to a post office.
Lemon_Soda I have a spiral on my neck and women on my arm. 031223
gwyllynne they've come back to me....safe and sound....with many a story to tell.... 040110
pipers ooooh do tell! 040111
.fallen they whisper

they sing

they whisper.. and sing

without words....tracing images.... secret fingertip tracings...

a powerful language unto themselves.....

a powerful language.... power

sweet sisters.....seductive lovers ... sharing tastes...pungent... dripping jewels ...

teasing... taunting ... beckoning others to join them.... to taste.. just a taste

it is only a taste

gently weaving pieces of their realm....

a taste

they dance....and sway....and shiver....and burn... and burn....

such a slow .... throbbing burn

they whisper.....they sing

in that fevered language of time before time....

a taste
jane i spiral women seven thousand times a day 040114
june there is nothing, well maybe. this kid thinks he is being harassed by a group of people who seem to be from one specific source but he isn't quite sure what they are bugging him about.

he is definitely aware of how miniscule he is compared to them so it would be pointless to seriously take arms against them.

he doesn't think he ever truly had a dissociative experience and if he did he would like to see it on film as proof. to temporarily forget something is perfectly natural.

he is being traumatized because he is susceptible to certain altered states of consciousness.

why would they want to erase memories or characteristics and replace them with some other variable?

now seasons have changed and the band continues to play on

like some type of prostitution, pimp sex ring thing
no, it can't be that
although he knows the story about Boys Town

he doesn't have partitions of time where he blacks out so how bad could it be?

hypnosis is an actual condition, however it has limits. the subject can still fabricate tales and will not harm others or himself on command in such a state.

so, where does that leave us? subliminal programming? i would imagine that if it is effective to any degree i'm sure the statistics would not be wildly impressive.

what does that leave us with? nothing?
what about certain instances and descriptions? well, even those happenings flutter on down their naked road to their own sanctuary.

i have been trying to help him but maybe it will prove negative and i'm sorry, but i can't do anything to fix it. if it doesn't work, it fucking doesn't.
what's it to you?
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