me? save me from salivation!
save me from melancholy loathing of the inanimate.
save me from my fears.
save me from my thoughts.
save my soul from the devil.
save my soul from the government.
save me from death.
save me from life.
save me from boredom.
save me from chaos.
save me from that which i do not understand.
save me from me.
save me from.
save me.
God salvation is a disease and everyone is trying to infect each other with it. salvation means you don't wonder, and if you don't wonder, you're just here to waste time. 000127
amy infect me, or it me over the head.
i'm talking to you, God.
please, with all due respect.
don't worry about the wondering issue.
amy hit 000309
camille freedom 000309
roxy Every day we'd drive to Blackhawk and pick up the offerings; microwaves and refigerators for the suffering. 000309
grendel seems like salvation comes only in a dream 001027
god hi there, me?
god hi there God.
jesus, relax dude.
god amy-
yeah, what you said.
god camille-
damn straight, freedom. enjoy it while you can.
god roxy-
is that as in "roxy and elsewhere"?
two thumbs up for the charity work.
god grendel-
hey bud. just remember that dreams end up as reality eventually.
daxle two thumbs up to tim armstrong, you mean, god
"come on baby won't you show me what you got there?
I want your salvation whooaaa"
"there's a neighborhood called blackhawk, where all the rich people live"
god daxle-
yeh, what you said
god nooshi is cheap at twice that price 020406
God go to mindless_stupid_people

Will the true God stand up?


I know how IAm

satan satan satan seems like it only comes in our dreams 030505
drdoogie Comes through knowing Jesus my friends
Any questions? You can ask me... but I suggest opening up your Bibles. And I know you're saying to yourselves "Jesus was a joke...a fake..a liar... a myth... a fable..." whatever doubts you have, believe this much--- His teachings are the essence of peace, both with in ourselves and within the world. Whether you believe in His divinity or not, His teachings can help you in any situation and are applicable to this day. It's the truth. And of course you know that through out history religion "has killed many", but it wasn't the religion it was men. And even if it were Christianity --- it's still done more good. Where would we be with out the teachings of Jesus Christ? No Red Cross. No Salvation Army. No Mother Theresa. That homeless shelter, shut down. That'd be missing and so much more. You casn argue it, or agree with it- Jesus of Nazareth has impacted the world and His words he spoke can impact you this very moment.
Death of a Rose drdoogie,

the bible was written by hallucinating tyrannical, self imprinting, slave masters, as a way to keep humans as pets. So don't underestimate us mad people. We just might write something that we become a salvation 'bible'.
Phi The concept of original sin and the need for salvation is an essential building block of the Christian worldview.
The generations prior to the baby boomers took it for granted.
The baby boomers consciously, for the most part, rejected it and fought it.
Generation Xers grew up in a world where the opposite - the inherent goodness of humanity - was taken for granted.
Boomers tend to forget this when dealing with Xers, and speak to us as though we'd experienced the world they destroyed before we were born. We've learned about it in history class, seen it in old movies, but it isn't part of our experience.

Of course, most of the people reading this are probably post-generation X, and therefore even further removed.
what's it to you?
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