Lemon_Soda There are two worlds that affect us,
bind us,
hold us together.

There is the world we share,
Made of hard things,
living reality.

There is our own world,
trapped in our mind,
sweet dream.

Do you know why we're scared?
Do you know why we see such wonderful things in our dream, but we leave them there unrealized? Why we watch tv or drink ourselves silly? Why we WASTE OUR TIME on nothings and more nothings that gain or advance us naught? Why we, children now of Apathay and Regret, nolonger call hope our savior and indeed see it as the most terrible curse placed on us by Pandora's ill fortune and ignorance?

Why our greatest ambition is to fool ourselves into thinking we're not just passing the time until our passing?

Fear of failure.
Fear of success.

To take something from our dream world and place it in reality is the ultimate wager. Our dreams are perfect to us in our own mind, but when these dreams attempt to cross over they stand to be made unperfect. When we succeed,we lose our dream, our own special thing to the rest of the world. Stolen from us by its success and given to all, thus stealing its significance to us. It is nolonger yours to cherish. Odds are that it will be warped by a thousand others as you yourself have corrupted others vision for your own entertainment.

When we fail, the dream is broken. We carry it around inside us, forever marred by the realization that it can never come to be. Our perfect bliss is cursed to remain there forever, a broken dream.

The world is severed and the task to make it whole again lays at our feet.

And we step over it and pretend its not there.
i am speechless. 030905
x so you're saying we're doomed and there's no solution to this cycle? 030905
Lemon_Soda Nay good x.

The point of this little story is quite simple...

...The only thing keeping you from attaining your dreams is fear.

I am not a fatalist.
stork daddy when doubt comes too late it is regret. when doubt comes not at all, it is reckless. when doubt will not go, it is paralyzying. all that is certain is loss. that weighs heavy in our minds whatever height we climb to. so we stay close to the looming ground, and chain on the soft glowing sitcom chains that keep us there. at a point, we no longer fear the worm, but envy it. death is an existential association. we see it happen to others. things that have happened to others have happened to us. soon, we wonder if we're the only person that dreams. we try too hard to agree with the motion of clouds and earth and think foolishly that the way to do this is to remain perfectly still. 030907
x i feel compelled to check this blather, convinced that it has to say something about my life. but who else would write it? my subconscious has no answer to that. 030907
Lemon_Soda Well wraught, storkdaddy.

I understand.
Lemon_Soda What lessons old me has to teach... 180726
monkeyoutinspace tomorrow is a dream to be had.
you have to pass through the door
down the cliffs,
and next to the stars.
know yourself.
you are complete.
Doar Every waking day. And every sleepless night. I dream in ruins.

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