Tank so you have a new assistant now. male. and for all these months i've been doing 16 hour fucking days to help your ass out. to alleviate the extremity of your work load. but now you have a new assistant. male. that's cool, i don't give a fuck about gender, that's not my destiny. but now, now, after nearly a year of busting my ass for your comfort, you relegate me to fax-girl come receptionist. fuck you and your job. 000928
Q Wow, that really sucks!

Do get out of that place!

You could i believe, in the land i know of beautiful winters, springs and falls, and nearby meadows, hills, rivers and lakes, find work that you might find to be interesting, would be justly (for a big change) rewarded, and would excite your mind about as much as you would want it to.
j_blue speak your mind, dont be meek. communication and honesty, no matter how hard, is good. scope out your options, persue better offers from other emloyers and notify your current employer when you receive them. you win either way. 000928
Tank there is one thing the world can be sure about in relation to me, and this is that i will always and in all ways speak my truth. just figured i should take a few deep breaths before slaying a dragon. helps to be level headed when doing battle... 000928
j_blue woman hate 000928
NOFX just cause i don't know the reason you're so pissed
don't dare tag me mysogynist
i thought the goal here
was mutual respect
not constructing a seperate sect

can't change the world by hating men
Mae antonym: misandry. Yes, there's a word that means man hater. There is a God, and she is instrumental in the human capacity to create this arbitrary language to convey - albiet crudely - who we are and how we feel. I feel this word. It's unfortunate, but not unfounded. Misandry. Misandrist.
They're not all the same, though. Must remember that... and keep an eye peeled for the exceptions, few as they may be.
neverisalways... (Sam) Sam never liked girls when he was little
He thought they were yucky
He grew-up to find they were not so bad
He grew up to find that he imprisoned them in objecthood
Sam grew upto find that sisterhood is beautiful
Sam still doesn't like girls
but now he understands the difference
between dislike and hate
Sam grew up
silentbob mis = hate
gyn = woman
andr = man
perfectly_chaotic Dating her has made me grow to have more of a problem than ever with men who mistreat women. Some things once said and/or done leave scars that are more than just skin deep. You cannot have a conversation with the scar tissue, it just does not work.

I can only hope that with the patience of a mountain that the rest of her heart grow strong enough to be loved without feeling guilty about the expressions of that love. Perhaps that is why I was given the name "renunciation mountain"... but maybe that is just a bit hokey too... not quite sure how to feel about that... words can be read in so many ways.
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