Dafremen Life's Like Sugar
by R. Dafremen

Pick a dream cuz it doesn't matter
Couldn't take away the hunger
Couldn't save you from the laughter
Or the sound of the masses thunder

Pick a side go ahead and choose it
Wouldn't make a bit of difference
Wouldn't matter if you win or lose it
Doesn't matter if you go the distance

Neverending if you live the sorrow
Slow cold sadness and a warm tomorrow
Melts away the yesterdays
Like sugar on your tongue

Pick a way go ahead and do it
Couldn't hurt to fly or fall
Couldn't hurt you to say "Screw it
I paid the price and I want it all."

Pick a road go ahead and take it
Wouldn't matter if your life got lost
Wouldn't matter if you lived or faked it
Wouldn't matter if you skipped across

Lost eternities within the sorrow
Stone cold silence til the next tomorrow
Waiting til the day's light falls
Like sugar on your tongue

Pick a dream cuz it's all around you
Couldn't help but curb your hunger
Couldn't take the pain that found you
Come the madness of your daily wonder

Pick a truth go ahead and know it
Couldn't hurt to feign a quick surprise
Come the morning if by chance you blow it
Come the day before the memory dies

That day when you enjoy your sorrows
Live the joy in each tomorrow
When life's sweet lights then fades away
Like sugar on your tongue.
30 u NPH insulin 2x daily life's like sugar...

much to the chagrin of the diabetics in the house

Dafremen : )
When you're a's a real prick.
jessicafletcher when you spill it on the floor, and it gets stuck to your feet.
diabetes is a prick. it's making me get these white spots on my body. they call it vitiligo. i call it the wild spotted jessica from the jungles of oklahoma.
phil Having sugar on your tonuge is a part of life. Life's not like having sugar on your tongue.
You think you can understand both, but not either, and say they are the same.
In your limited scope, as you stare blankly for a moment.
But upon any sort of further reflection you what life is much more.
Sugar on your tonuge, is like a moment, a taste. Life is like having sugar on your tongue, remembering the taste afterwards, looking foward to the taste again. Sugar on your tongue is something you can feel, life extends so far from sugar on your tongue, both in it's complexity and it's vastness, sugar is not even worth mentioning.
Dafremen But YOUR life in it's scope, is so finite, so miniscule, so very small and fleeting that why not compare it's entirety to its individual moments?

Within life's vast scope, your individual time here is as fleeting as the duration of sugar on your tongue is when compared with your lifetime.

The comparison is, upon in-depth examination, more than worth mentioning, as is the sugar that makes the comparison possible.
unhinged at the bottom of the coffee cup that won't dissolve even with a lot of vigorous stirring. most of the cup isn't sweet enough but the last two sips are sickeningly so 020715
farmsushi thee mexican children eat thee cane raw from thee fields, that's how i live my fucking life. 020716
god in milwaukee i liked tab cuz tab had saccharine 020719
Sailor Jupiter Sweet and desireable but too much rots your teeth... 020719
phil I think I see your point there daffy, but life is like poop and beer and tacos and string and oatmeal and hormones and wingdings and ho-hos and tartar sauce and doors and trolls and wanna_be soccer ninjas and decapitated british monks on c-span doing their best to hide there teeth and a big fake pussy and a car parked in a garage and a car on a plane and plane in a car with a crocodile hunter tied to the roof chanting and pornographic crossdressing nuns and photo-flo and rice cakes and people's names and an empty snack trays and whatever.

But not really, oh no. All those things are part of life you see.

Everything under the sun is like the sun, because the sun is huger than even huge. The sun isn't just a big white blinding spot in the sky, it reaches out as far as the eye can see, literally.
Except of course fer the other suns. But to keep a thought going here:

All the things on earth, you see because of the sun. Without the sun they wouldn't be there, to say a picture of the sun is "like" the sun is rotten guac, because without the sun, it wouldn't be there, and not visa versa.
mastercard even.
Life is not like sugar, even remotely, sugar IS life.

Plus there are many aspects of life which exhibit no structural relationship to sugar. Like sugar isn't just everywhere man. (see SALT for more gaiety)
Dafremen Ahhh... I think I see the problem, phil. You've mistaken PERCEPTION with reality. Just because I don't see a thing DOESN'T mean that the thing ceases to exist.
see also: CLAPTRAP
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