Freak Lets go for a walk. A short walk if you can even call it a walk at all. Walk to the back corner of the classroom and sit on the floor so we can enjoy each others company.

Lets go for a walk at a halloween party to your car so we can sit on the back and star gaze as we think about what we wish we could do.

Lets go for a walk to the coffee shop so we can tie ourselves into a knot on one of the couches and breath each other in.

Lets go for a walk to Hayswood park. Go look at our small town from the cliff then get drenched from the rain on the run back to the car.

Lets go for a walk down to a tree somewhere on Buck Creek so we can enjoy the outdoors and our existance in nature.

Maybe the next walk we take will unite us forever and always in sickness and in health for the many walks to come. Till death do us part.
mon let's_go_for_a_walk
in our pajamas
assorted colors and flavors those middles of the night when he used to knock softly on my dorm room door and say, "wanna take it outside?" and not take no for an answer. and we would share a cigarette. then we would throw little baby lemons at our friends' windows and ask if they wanted to come down for a study break. we did this until we ended up going to some late night coffee and donut spot. studying never really got done those nights. 020508
lobsterman we'll set a pace, and fit the words to our form. We've got plenty to talk about. There'll be times we'll have to slow down, and then slower to a standstill, and energetic times when one of us or another is running ahead, but either way, we've gotta go and we've gotta go now, the road goes both ways, the way home is lighted and dependable, so let's go, now, out into the crisp air, out into the night, we've got to take a walk, our bodies want our words to be carried and abbreviated out into the world. Corners turned, hills climbed, rests taken in the shadows of trees retangled in darkness as the sun sets. But you've got to open the door, you've got to tell your legs coaxingly that they still need your fierce blood. 020508
silently_she_screams lets go for a walk
i'll tell u my dreams my thoughts my fears.....i'll tell u why im in despair..i'll share with u my greatest loves...or we could just stare up above..well wateva we do when we go for this walk....i want u to know...im in love with u
thieum Let's go for a walk
And never come back
Don't prepare a pack

Let's go for a walk
For buying some smokes
Let's make it a joke

Let's go for a walk
We'll follow our way
It will be okay...
shivers i just cant wait any longer 040501
~gez~ lets go for a walk and i can show you the sights of the town. i can show you the way north or the way down. i'll take you this way and that until we're lost in the Somalian suburb. walking is so much better at night since its so dark and tranquil as opposed to the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life. i love the dark and silence, instead of sunligh and big fat ugly cars clogging everything up

walking is much better than driving, wish cars were never invented
drstrangelove rather briskly i hope
i need the exercise
not sure where the better looking body is even worth it anymore
or even the health aspects
they just
keep the dream alive
dream schmeam
this really sucks that this dream is so real
oh well we will all wake up soon
or so we think
kinda selfish today
three imaginary birds in an instant
i remember

what's it to you?
who go